Mohammed was born in Mecca Arabia to a respectable tribe. He lost his parents at the tender age, and at age six, he was an orphan. He became a trader towards Syria, claiming to be the Allah's last prophet, and that the Koran was the Allah's last book. He got criticism as a founder of Islam, which was possessed by Satan. It can be seen as a man who never liked peace. He married eleven wives and recommended wife beating to be the only last solution. Some criticize Mohammed as he did not like peace and demon possessed pedophile as it was quoted from the fact that "murder of fun and Prophet."

Mohammed the man of War

The current literature argues whether Mohammed was a man of peace or a military leader. The self-proclaimed prophet was the one who announced the policy of the so-called holy war (Jihad) in 624 AD. The Koran have the record of his words quoted saying, "I will instill terror into the hearts of non believers, smite ye above their necks and smite their fingers and slay them wherever ye catch them" most experts did agree that prophet Mohammed personally would lead the massive military campaigns. Mohammed led about the twenty-seven military operations in nine years time. In this case, he was not a man of peace though proclaimed to be a prophet. This is shown in the quotation in the Koran.

However, in most parts of Africa, the Islam religion was held as the black man's religion. Mohammed had black skinned slaves that he described them as raisin heads. Islamic religion was forcibly made an African religion after the holy Mohammed prophet institutionalized a so-called three-day rape clause that resulted in an increase, in the black Muslim children. War was at that time inevitable, and the prophet took all the steps to weaken the Mecca through cutting off all the trade caravans to and from Mecca. Mecca was not able to retaliate after a long period of battling with Mohammed because He had weakened the trade ties (Musa 2008).

Mohammed, however, fronted great abuse of women, which are embedded in the Koran. He had the Jihad expeditions of the Holy war and his men believed to be sent by the messenger of Allah that is Mohammed to war. The prophet allowed them to the so-called "Muta" a form of temporary marriages. The prophet allowed the fighters in the Holy war to marry many wives for some fixed-term contracts and payment of dowry in a piece of cloth. This enticed his fighters to be in active war without remembering their wives such that the Jihad war continues.

Muhammad murdered many people to an extent that he was poisoned by a widow of a man whom he had murdered. He died because of his sins like Jesus Christ who die for the sins of the human kind, and His tomb was empty (Musa 2008). He was by no chance an unequivocally a man of war because he managed to marry fifteen wives and he thought he was demon possessed before being convinced he was a special prophet of Allah. Quran is associated with the Mohammed and ant it is a book of war where even pentagon verified the allegation.

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The religion Islam associated with Mohammed is more of a political war propagating organization rather than being religious. The book of war the Quran used by this Religion is the constitution of this political war like organization. The ever-growing immigrants of Muslim who are the followers of Mohammed are ever assertive and disruptive minorities in all countries of the world. In other context, the style of Mohammed and Quran are the man and book of war respectively. Mohammed would convince a jury in a criminal trial that Muhammad and the book of war teaches its disciples set of values on Jihad and other war type behaviors.

In the teachings to his Muslim faithful, Mohammed encouraged the endorsement of Jihad and not violence. The devotion of Islam was not to be signified by killing those with infidelity. These people were only accepted if they worshiped only Allah and would never be mean to the oppressed and the poor in the society. His intention was, therefore, not to save Human beings from sin, but to ensure that everyone worshipped Allah through all the means he could use. He described in the Quran the group of people who could be casted into the burning. Mohammed, therefore, selectively allowed the killing of some people, and this shows that he did not preach peace to everybody.

Mohammed did not in reality believed in the Allah as great to be worshipped. He did not encourage feeding of the poor populations with good food rather he preferred the refuse which was selected for the wrong doers therefore, he was not a good friend at all. Despite the respect he had for the Christians and Jews, he referred them as the people of the book (Musa, 2008). Mohammed continued to spread his message although there was violent opposition. He called on the worship of Allah alone that was a danger to the local economy that was very dependent on sources of money spent on the pilgrims and the revelers.


Mohammed was a man of war that he even rewarded his fighters with anything to continue with the war. He allowed his fighters on a war to marry women on short-term contracts to continue in war. The prophet died because of the sins He committed not like Jesus Christ who died in the tomb for the sake of sins of the man. Mohammed had no respect for women, as he believed that they could be married for a fixed term periods rather than long life marriage. Converting peoples' religious believes does an individual to belief develop, not through coercion as Mohammed did, but it is a free will to belief.

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