Religion can refer to human beings attempt to know God, this statement has merits, but it makes assumptions which present problems, that is  God exists and that His existence is central to religion. On Gods existence assumptions, it is believed by social scientists that, it is not the truth behind ones beliefs, but the study of religion is only relevant to human behavior and attitude. In the assumption, that Gods existence is central to religion does not always include the notion of God.

Tribal religion is best indicated by the legends of the dead told by ancient people. Questions concerning what comes after life flooded the ancient people as could be seen in their burial rites the same way those questions trouble the humans today (Gill et al, 1992). The early humans were not able to answer this questions concerning life after death or what happens after one dies and thus to comfort they created rites, rituals and religions. The village’s religious attitudes are a phenomenon that needs to be explained as the most religious people in on earth constitutes basic analysis of one villages community causes of beliefs and practices. Religion is one of the subjects that need to explanations and theories due to its complexity, universality and importance.

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The personal approach of religion aims at obtaining devotional understanding and is from the believer’s perspective of a particular religion. Without assuming the truth of a spiritual reality, the impersonal approach is from the outsider who explains the religious phenomenon. It is not the study of one’s own intimate faith experience but the study of other people’s religion that is involved in the impersonal orientation. The perspective of an impartial outsider must be viewed along with other religions in an approach referred to as scholarly.

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