On the 15th of November, 2013 has officially approached the board of the Capilano University with an offer to build a new dormitory. The company promises that the building can be finished by the 2015-2016 Academic year. The new dormitory, located on south east side of campus will be able to host up to 250 students. Now, the Capilano University has to give its’ reply.

Currently, the Capilano University board is reviewing the offer. According to the University representatives, it should take up to a month to consider all the pros and cons of the proposal. A special meeting will be called before Christmas holidays to review the dormitory plan. The decision will not be announced before the beginning of the new year. Thus, already in the beginning of 2014, the spokesperson of Aransazeh Construction LTD will meet with the Capilano University board representatives and have a final discussion on all the terms and conditions. According to the company, they are expecting to seal the deal by the middle of January and begin the construction process before the Valentine’s Day.

Aransazeh Construction LTD

Aransazeh Construction LTD is ready to begin construction, as soon as the company gets an official confirmation from the Capilano University. As the main aim of the Company is to finish all the constructions by Fall 2015, Aransazeh Construction LTD is willing to make the project with high pace and quality. Despite the fact that the Capilano University gave no reply yet, the company board has already assigned a team that is developing plans and designs that will be shown to the University board in early January 2014.

According to the first plans of the Capilano University dormitory, it will be a 4-storey hi-tech building, which will offer accommodation to up to 250 students. Each will be able to host two students and each block of rooms (consequently that would be 3 rooms and 6 students in total) will have a full-equipped kitchen. Moreover, the dormitory will have recreational areas, both inside and outside the building. Some of the areas will be suitable for studies, while others will be designed with fun in mind. Current dormitory plans include big and small rooms for studying with access to on-line learning resources, game room, as well as places for picnic and outside sports (Carlson, 2007). Aransazeh Construction LTD is willing to create a place that will accommodate all the various students’ needs outside of class.

Aransazeh Construction LTD decided to offer the Capilano University the dormitory construction because while being a large university that educates not only Canadian youth, but also international students, it still does not have an on-campus dormitory. Despite the fact that there are three campuses in the university, its’ students predominantly rent accommodation in different parts of the city. This not only complicates the transportation to the educational institution, but also deprives students of the student life. Therefore, while Aransazeh Construction LTD saw all the advantages of the Capilano University, the company board has proposed some adequate improvements for this educational institution.

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The conditions on which Aransazeh Construction LTD offers cooperation are quite simple. While making discounts for the University, Aransazeh Construction LTD is expecting the educational institution to reserve a number of places for its’ employees on the Faculty of Business & Professional Studies. Namely, Aransazeh Construction LTD is interested in educating its’ employees in the School of Business and the School of Legal Studies. The Aransazeh Construction LTD employees will also be among the first inhabitants of the new dormitory. Therefore, people involved in the building of the new accommodation will be able to experience all its’ advantages, as well as give feedback on the possible flaws of the dormitory.


The managing board of Aransazeh Construction LTD got really inspired with the project of a new dormitory. Sahand Fard-hadjian, the official representative of Aransazeh Construction LTD has made an official statement on behalf of the company: “We are truly excited about the opportunity to contribute in the development of the Capilano University and the local community. For Aransazeh Construction LTD it will be a project that could make a difference. Therefore, we believe that the University board will accept our offer and we’ll start the construction in early 2014.”

About Capilano University

Capilano University, located in District of North Vancouver in British Columbia, was established in 1968, and since then enrolls more than 7000 students (Capilano University, 2013). Capilano University has three campuses: North Vancouver, Squamish, and South Coast. There are five areas of study: arts and sciences, business and professional studies, fine and applied arts, education, health and human development, global and community studies. The University has a rich campus life, which allows its’ students to do sports, work in the university newspaper, or perform in the theatre. Moreover, students have a possibility to attend various lectures and art events that are held in Capilano University.

Capilano University Accommodations

At the moment, the Capilano University does not offer on-campus housing (Capilano University, 2013). Although, the Capilano University offers four accommodation options to its’ students (dormitories with the Canada Immersion School, homestay, Bell Accommodation Services and independent housing), that is still not enough. It is clear that dormitory stay is cheaper than other options, but the University is not able to provide all its’ students with equal logging opportunities, although its’ Student Union is providing all the possible informational assistance (Services, 2013).

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