In this research proposal, I have chosen to study more about the future of eBooks in the publishing business. In order to narrow down my topic, I selected some reputable authors in my preliminary research. They include Camenson Blythe, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sheila Galloway, Kasdorf William, and Epstein Jason. However, it is evident that the final paper cannot explore the above authors. Therefore, this research proposal will essentially explain the process of narrowing down my topic in order to come up with a working and manageable thesis.


While conducting preliminary research on the future of e-books in the publishing industry, I kept on asking myself several questions. For example, what are the severe crisis facing the book publishing business today and the consequences for the future of e-books? How did William Kasdorf manage to emerge as the most respected pioneer in the use of XML technologies in publishing? How can PDF and XML improve your workflow and publications in the industry? What are the trends and development in the eBooks and eReaders market and the major challenges in the global market?

Literature Review

Jason Epstein, the author of Book Business: Publishing Past, Present, and Future, provided the reader with professional experiences in the publishing industry. In the book, the author gave insight on the publishing industry since the 1950s, during the time when the industry was small and converged, to the modern times when huge companies have appeared and the use of technological advancement in publishing has been embraced. Through the use of small and interesting anecdotes from daily life, the author explores the major challenges and crisis that the publishing industry has faced. In this book, the author also provided an in-depth analysis of how technology had influenced the publishing industry.

Kasdorf William, the author of The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing, has made an enormous contribution to the world of book publications. I have chosen to use the book because it provides an insightful analysis. The author indicates that the eBook that has been taken for granted for a while has brought a revolution in the world of publications. The modern world offers a steadily increasing number of choices. The author has pointed out that with current technological advancement, the eBook may eventually dominate the means by which readers access the material because of the ease of accessibility.

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The book titled Turning the Page: The Future of eBooks by PricewaterhouseCoopers provide in-depth examinations of trends and development in the eBooks and eReaders market and the major challenges in the global market. I am intending to use the book in my final proposal because it also identifies market opportunities for the development of eBooks. Furthermore, the book provides evidence-based recommendations to publishers, online retailers, and intermediaries on future opportunities in the eBook business. Camenson Blythe also gives Internet bookstores, companies, and publishers that manufacture eReaders high expectations on the future of digitized reading through eBooks. Furthermore, Sheila Galloway explores publishing trends and the eventual development of eBooks. This will also play an essential role in my final proposal, since it explores the main question regarding eBooks as the new generation of eReaders that have been a long-awaited breakthrough that often lures the consumer away from the paperwork.

Most of the research that I have managed to obtain has been sourced from both the Internet and local library catalogues. However, I have extensively used Internet sources because of their ease in accessibility. Furthermore, it is easy to find precise information regarding my sources through the Internet. The most readily available subject through the Internet is by far Jason Epstein. It is not difficult to get all the relevant information regarding my topic from the PricewaterhouseCoopers; this is because their information is often widely published on the Internet.

In the course of my comprehensive research of material that I use in my proposal, I have also managed to obtain some other books by authors such as Sheila Galloway and Camenson Blythe. This has been success so far since many authors have paid a lot of attention to the areas of the publishing industry. The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing by Kasdorf William has been highly helpful since it provides a comprehensive and authoritative approach to the subject of digital publishing. It covers all aspects of digital publishing including the development of the use of eBooks.


After all my preliminary research, I have decided to use Kasdorf William, Epstein Jason, and PricewaterhouseCoopers as major sources for my proposal in order to come up with my proposed working thesis for my research paper. I have made this decision because I was able to obtain a lot of information about them. In addition, I have been able to analyze information about their writings and their views on the publishing industry instead of merely reporting on what they did. After analyzing the above sources, I have realized that they extensively analyze how the publishing industry, particularly the increase in the use of eBooks, has modified the literature world. The common characteristic evident among the above authors is that they have gone through their own crucibles to claim that their words and thoughts will be seen and heard. This has essentially led me to my working thesis: There is a bright future for publishers, Internet bookstores, and companies that manufacture eReaders in the book industry. recommends to order only on the best research proposal writing service.

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