The difference between the private and the public realm, according to the writer, the Greek life was divided into two main realms: the private and the public. The public realm was a situation where true freedom could be obtained, this kind of situation was first expressed by Aristotle the great who the writer bore her reference to in the book. This realm can also result to glory and great deeds because, as compared to the public realm which can be very charming but not glorious at all.

The writer refers the society as a collection of private needs of an entity and for that matter comparable to a household. She argues that citizen always try to alleviate themselves from physical sustenance because at the point where necessity ends is where the public sphere starts.

In the household, all activities relating to the sustenance of human lives are operated here. This included production, economy, and reproduction among others. In this respect, slaves were people whose lives were totally ruled by necessity, both theirs and that of their masters. Violence was the basic tool to maintain a household which solely belongs to the head in Greek. According to the author, violence must be used in the private sphere to solve most of the problems about one's life need before entering the public subject of freedom.

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Polis was a Greek word which was used to mean city or city states, but at times it could be used to mean a body of citizens or citizenship citizens. The author uses the word "polis" to point out the ancient Greek city-states, like the Classical Athens and its generation. The polis was an association of free citizenship who had their sovereignty within the private domain of their own households who have to emerge from privacy to meet the public arena (Arendt, 1958 pg98).

Citizenship offers each and every person freedom and equality which comes about when the citizens act in accordance with the power of speech and persuasion. The public world of human offers settings and institutions which separates us from the nature and at the same time provide a durable and permanent context of the human activities (Canovan, 1974 pg 145). According to my opinion, the modern American society is more oriented on public domain because the exercise and practice of democracy and human right activism is at its upper realm

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