Wolf clearly states that the degree of isolation and separation of cultures divides a society into different classes. These classes constitute other small groups in the community that holds important and complex parts which in-tern forms the political and economic forces of the wider society. The societies at the local levels should be viewed as a network of small community units at different levels. For instance, the complex society should be composed of both the lowest level and the national level in community. However, the internal cultures in the society may sometimes have diverse relationships as a whole. 

In his historical context and change, Wolf gives an explanation about how the world is interconnected and is always changing. That is, the world is unsteady and not united as it should be. This offers an insight on how people and the society regularly change in their culture without considering the fact that they are in one interconnected world. In order to give details concerning a society, Wolf says that it is important for an individual to know the society’s background information which is a combination of organized past experience.

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Wolf is critical of the assumption that cultures are “integrated” because people fail to understand the distinction between the genuine culture and beliefs people have about culture. Moreover, people have not understood that the building or dismantling of cultures greatly depends on the widespread activities of social fields that are well planned by the major techniques that are used in the production of cultures.

Wolf borrows from Weber’s assertion that development or destruction of culture is grounded on an individual’s rationality or lack of it thereof. That is, members of a society can only answer various questions emerging from cultures by employing their rationality. The same assertion is achieved by Wolf while considering Max evolutionary belief about cultures. However, through distrust of aromatic or organic culture, Wolf asserts that the society is often divided in cultural aspects on the basis of individual abilities, those who have and those who have not. 

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