Cultural Diversity Essay Introduction

Culture implies passage of behaviors and ways from generation to another through interactions, teachings’, education, observations and imitations; culture comprise of communications, beliefs and thoughts relating to human behavior. According to Terry (2001), competence implies of effective functioning of human behavior patterns that are integrated culturally [cultural context]. Cultural competence is nature of positive response by individuals to other people’s languages, cultures, religious beliefs, and ethnic associations and differences factors in all aspects of life (Terry, 2001). Dynamic diversifications that’s exist between communities in terms of cultures, where effective interactions takes place and where there is prolonged preservation of each other’s dignity.

Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

A diversity plan is essential to ensure that, cultural competence is maintained and preserved among the very many generations. Diversity must comprise of commitments, beliefs and multicultural relations among various individuals (Debra, 2011). Most education bodies and retail stores (Wal-Mart stores) bring together individuals or workforce from various cultural backgrounds to work together (John, & Jo-Anne, 2007). According to Debra (2011), diversity plans are more of “bottom up” process nowadays, which assist in applying commitments, shared vision, understanding, respect and honor within the workforce and the community.

Implementation of Diversity Plan

Steps on implementation of diversity plan rely on critical reviews of goals, responsibilities and accountability. I will base the evaluations and priorities of the plan in accordance to race, gender and ethnic backgrounds of Wal-Mart employees (Terry, 2001).

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  • First step in implementation of a diversity plan includes formulation of value diversity throughout the company.
  • Second step, ensuring Wal-Mart employees are able to carry out cultural self-assessments.
  • Third step is developing Wal-Mart dynamics, which relate to cultural interactions.
  • Fourth step is establishment of systems that provides cultural knowledge to Wal-Mart workforce and lastly through development of sufficient outdoors programs in the company, which will foster development of culture diversity understanding among Wal-Mart staff (Terry, 2001).

Creation of a Diversity Plan for Wal-Mart Workforce

In creation of a diversity plan for Wal-Mart workforce, the first step is value diversity. I would ensure that there is involvement of senior management in the diversity and through constant reporting of trends of development of cultural diversity. Ensure recognitions of needs for Wal-Mart employee cultural diversity, through validated database employment, pay equity for all and recognition for minorities by senior management. In my second step, I would implement diversity plan through establishment of a framework, where Wal-Mart workforce self-assess practices of cultural competence and monitor their practices, which ensures long run cultural competent institution (Anne D & Patricia M 2005).

It is essential to set up cultural dynamics interactions within the stores; third step would be employee’s involvement in performance objectives through dynamic diversity targets that will demonstrate placements and opportunities by close coordination (Anne D & Patricia M. 2005). Forth, I would inform workforce on the standard culturally competent practices, through provision of professional documentation assisted by agencies, regulatory bodies of the state, and committees peer review. Lastly, I would ensure resolutions programs in and out of the stores, implementation of outdoors agencies practices or peer review on cultural competence practices. Employ applicable programs from outside experts in establishment of private practices.

Cultural Diversity Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, for every organization to foster a long-term commitment to cultural competence it must employs professional standard and integrated diversity plan.

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