The ford company is one of the leading companies in the car market in the word (Kinzel). The company has distinguished itself in the aspects of management. Co-operate social responsibilities has been one of the notable aspects of the ford company management. This paper outlines the ford motor company cooperate social responsibilities. The paper outlines the importance of cooperate social responsibilities to a company as well as the role CSR plays in the company’s marketing strategy.

            The ford motor company has taken great strides in presenting itself as one of the most outstanding leaders in the corporate social responsibility (Kinzel). The company has recognized co-operate social responsibility as one of the important aspects of promoting human integration and human rights. The co-operate social responsibility plays a significant role in advocating for its employees human rights (Kinzel). Notable roles of the cooperate social responsibilities in safe guarding the human rights of its workers include protecting them from abuse by the companies  suppliers and ensuring that the workers remain contented and happy in order to deliver effectively. The CSR is also important in protection of the environment and bringing into focus the changes of the global environment.

Through the CSR, the ford company has taken important steps to eradicate a number of labor issues. These are important in ensuring that the employees enjoy fair treatment as stipulated in the international labor laws (Kinzel). Cooperation social responsibility also plays an important in ensuring that the company gives back to the community in various ways especially considering that the company deals with the manufacture of cars. Its role to achieve this is through being considerate to the people in areas where the materials for the company supplies are sourced. It is also the responsibility of CSR to ensure to that the company caters for the environment due to the fact that the cars produced are source of pollution as they utilize gasoline for their running.   

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            Cooperate social responsibility is an important aspect of the Ford company in specific requirements due to its placing of the industry (Kinzel). The company has a responsibility of upholding values that outlines its commitment to providing quality, ethical values, safety and affordable services and products to the community (Mullerat and Brenan). The cooperate social responsibility is also important to the ford company in ensuring that the company shows gratitude to the society as well as an aspect of being caring and responsible. The caring responsibility is brought out in its role to manage its wastes such as the carbon foot prints (Kinzel) The ford company also uses the CSR in appealing to its clients to purchase its products.

            Through the cooperate social responsibility the ford company placed its activities at a competitive edge in the market place. There are different trends economical, and cultural requirements that the company must meet to ensure that it’s well placed the market position especially in the diversity of the marketplace. The cooperate social responsibility is therefore important in ensuring that through its undertaking it is able to cater for responsibilities that depict it as friendly company and therefore prefer its services. This is a distinguished means of coping with market competition and its unique requirements.

            Using the CSR program the company is responsible to the various players such as the consumers, the company stockholders, the state and the entire world where it has an impact to (Mullerat and Brenan). The consumers are however the most important entities that the company has a responsibility on. It is required to show value through the products being produced by the company. A company has duty to integrate with the community through establishing an effective CSR program to cater for various needs that the community expects from a company.

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