Government Funding For Family Correction

Home based monitoring is better than foster children facilities. The government should therefore channel the moneys to family programs rather than foster children homes. Children are more likely to respect their parent’s directions than strangers. This respect will enable the child to follow instructions for change in diet at home than away. Children are normally taken to foster homes for many reasons. Obese children have often been taken to foster homes to help them change their diet and acquire the right information through counseling. The work of the staff of foster homes is to monitor the progress of children under their care and advice on a corrective nutrition. Even though foster home care has worked in many occasions, the program normally does a lot of harm in the children’s social life.

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 Family separation easily creates wounds that are very difficult to heal. Any corrective measures should therefore be tried at home first. The government can channel moneys to families to fund correction programs right at home. For instance, parents can be trained on ways of adjusting the menu for an obese child. Such trainings have worked so well to improve the health of children while in their family set up. Nutrition trainings should not be restricted to foster homes alone. Parents can be advised to attend counseling sessions with their obese children. Counselors can also visit the families. Through such counseling sessions, the parents and their children will acquire skills to use at home. It is true that a lot of counseling takes place in the foster homes. These same procedures should first be tried at home.

 The foster home care should only be an option if negative results are realized at the family set up. The government should also channel finances that would be used to buy the right food portions at the family level. Some children have often developed obesity due to poor nutrition. Financing families to adjust menu for the minors can go a long way. All the remedies should first be implemented at home. 

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