This essay seeks to investigate the issue of homo sexual community, the scorn, fear and discrimination against them. Homo sexual is for people who find members of the same sex/ gender attractive. One can trace them to early civilizations and   in every ethnicity, race, background, social class and form a major part of society. As they are a minority, they tend to be discriminated against by society on religious and moral grounds. They are a part of the society that adds to the increase of the community. However, societies’ believes, and practices in their communities make them sources of contempt and horror.

            As earlier stated, homo sexual are on every continent of this world. I will start by exploring how the African culture views gays. The African society does not consider homo sexuality as African, unlike in the west where gay couples even marry. In Kenya, homosexuality is illegal and is a felony punishable by 14 years in prison according to the Kenyan Penal code section 62-68. As homosexuals, society regards them as perverts in the community and they are hence, denied access to common services for example, housing and employment. The gay communities are ignored in developmental issues because people don’t desire to be closely associated with them. Due to ignorance, they are scorned, harassed and even tortured. Most of the “straight” members of the African society don’t know that it’s not contagious. About 3.7% of the global population lives in a place that allows same-sex marriages. Although many states allow same sex marriage, the homo sexual community faces discrimination in family and marriage recognition. They do not enjoy about 1138 federal benefits that their opposite sex marriage counterparts enjoy. The denial of those benefits hurts the families. There have been cases of homo sexual females raped by men “to teach them a lesson”.  For instance, there was a case of a woman who almost died when men attacked and raped her; they rained blows and kicks on her. During the attack, they told her ‘you will distinguish who owns the reproductive organs of a man between you and us.” ‘They raped and badly injured her. Others are often not as lucky as society treats them with so much hatred, and some murdered are even because of their sexual orientation.

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As a religious issue, some churches will not ordain a lesbian minister. This means that one can not follow his vocation through since homosexuality is considered as being a contradiction to Christianity, and a perversion. This has been conveyed in a lot of disagreement in the church as some openly oppose it, while others are quiet about it. The gay community suffers scorn and humiliation. For instance, in Uganda homo sexuality is punishable by death penalty.  The news papers, and the media at large, are largely involved through the publication of names of suspected gay people, and a general guide on how to identify homo sexual in the society. The gay community also faces injustices by society that include wrongful termination of employment, defamation, slander and invasion of privacy. A gay man in Chicago claimed that he suffered wrongful termination at his workplace by Rev. Jesse Jackson in his foundation. Apart from the wrongful termination, he suffered various embarrassing situations and insults. For example, he escorted women into Rev. Jesse’s room, and cleaned after having intercourse with the women.

Homosexuals also suffer scorn in the event that they seek to assume leadership roles in the society. For example, the Boy Scouts Movement in America prohibits “avowed” homosexual from taking up leadership roles in its programmes. This is through their membership programmes which can deny one entry into that organization based on their sexual orientation. This is a clear indication that homosexuals are discriminated against by the society.

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