Question 1

The Protestant‘s ascetic ethic posed a major challenge to the Feudal aristocrats who ruled throughout Europe before the rise of capitalism. The protestant ethic encouraged hard work and condemned leisure (Weber 86). As a result, many people in Europe were influenced by their beliefs and engaged in work in the secular world, whereby they developed their own enterprises and large companies which eventually resulted into capitalism. This was a major challenge to the Feudal aristocrats who opposed capitalism since they wanted people to rely on their enterprises.

Question 2

The major Puritan code that reinforced the ethos of capitalism is the moral code (Weber 90). The moral code greatly encouraged the pursuit for money and creation of wealth for investment and not for future enjoyment and relaxation. Therefore, people worked continuously every day, acquiring wealth and building enterprises that eventually resulted into capitalism.

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Question 3

Whenever I encounter a salesperson, the aggressiveness in convincing to buy an item enables me to see the concept of “calling” as explained by Weber. The salesperson is very aggressive to utilize the chance that God has provided to lawfully get more in selling an item without wronging his or her soul or another soul (Weber 95).

Question 4

Puritan ethic in a way forbid wealth making while in another it encourages it. The Puritans only forbid acquisition of wealth with an aim of relaxation and enjoyment in the future. This is because they believe relaxation and earthly enjoyment are accompanied with so many temptations to commit sins.

Question 5

Baran, in his interview says that he is already undertaking driving lessons to engage himself in something productive. This shows that he doesn’t want to waste any time celebrating his release, instead he want to work hard to recover for the time lost.

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