The following study intends to establish the response and experience of African American learners to racial micro aggression. Negative impacts of racial such aggressions on the students daily lives are also intended to be brought out.


            Though racial micro aggression in colleges is a major social problem that has impacted negatively on the lives of black college students of America it has received little research and concern. Little about the vice is known but its impact on the lives of African American is not limited. It is believed to have bore hefty interactions between the blacks and the whites. Racial micro aggression can be viewed as acts of neglect stemming from unconscious beliefs of black inferiority and constitute a postulation of white superiority.


The study seeks to establish how the racial micro aggression impact on the lives of African American students as well as on relations between them and their white college mates. These unbalances of voice and power often result in many learners failing to grow and unleash their potential. Participating in this kind of study would be key in enabling African American learners comprehend what their experiences and nature of the society they live in mean. The study will not only enhance individual development but also enable the society develop to become largely inclusive, democratic and just.

Literature review

There exists a vast body of knowledge about racial micro aggression on African American students that has been compiled over past years by some researchers who had interest to know what was the impact of the racial micro aggression on individual lives of black learners in colleges. Their studies review that though the aggression has not been treated with due concern and urgency it continued to pose a big challenge to the learners a even resulted in improper exploitation of their potentials. Chester pierce is among the researchers who have greatly contributed to availability of the current knowledge. In his research he concludes that despite the neglect of the vice it has inflicted far reaching negative impacts on black learners who are in many circumstances associated with inferiority to their white counterparts. Davis 1989 is another piece of information that has investigated what is racial micro aggression and how the victims of the vice respond to it. In his work, Davis has given a definition of racial micro aggression as a situation rivalry between the imagined white superiority against black inferiority. This brings an imbalance of power and voice among black and white learners. In this research I will seek to establish mechanisms that may be employed to enable the society develop and become largely inclusive, democratic and just.  This is an area that has been left unattended by previous scholars.

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Methods used in data collection

By use of group interviews the African American in several universities it expected to become apparent that racial micro aggression is evident in both social spaces and academic environment.  The African American students will be interviewed from their respective institutions as a way of obtaining first hand information about the above stated problems. This will foster accuracy and confidentiality of the interviewee and the information obtained. Questionnaires will also be used as a way data collection to compliment the time requirement weakness of interview. Questions contained will be tailor made to address the relevant issues of the research problem.


It’s largely predictable that racial micro aggression negatively impact on the social wellbeing of the African American learners and subsequently limits their potential. By studying the vice and making the findings plain I expect to manage the perception of the society about their African American student counterparts. This will go a long way to regulate how the white students relate with the blacks as well as foster equal treatments. In response, African American learners will have a favorable college climate to fully utilize their potential.


The belief of white superiority against blacks is very significant in the unjust treatment for the African American learners. Demoralizing this belief will ensure proper and just treatment of all learners irrespective of their race. There therefore lies a greater chance that studying and revealing causes and impacts of racial micro aggression among learners would be a big step in a bid to eradicate the weird feelings and moreover ensure equal administration of justice in universities worldwide.

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