Who are they, people of the 21st century? Why is it so hard sometimes to understand and find a common language with people around us? Today, these questions are asked by parents, teachers and psychologists. In fact, all differences stem from childhood upbringing. Hence, a psychological portrait of a child of the 21st century makes people think, first of all, about the role of parents, society and teachers. The worst thing is that the younger generation tends to have no purpose in life and does not have any values. Today, the main value in the world of a child and, consequently, of an older person is the value of consumption. Since childhood, people do not trust their adults, and then they do not trust anyone, and no longer recognize any leadership. Hence, people in the 21st century lose their values and manners thus causing numerous difficulties in communication.

Psychological interviews and tests can identify the main traits of today's people – freedom, self-interest, open aggression, immorality, ignorance, and laziness. What does it say about humans’ manners? It turns out that behind rudeness and disobedience, people from their inner fears and insecurities. If a person is a bully and is open to any conflicts since childhood, it is the first warning bell which signifies that a person suffers from inner fears and worries. This behavior shows protest on the part of a person. Such children will grow up into observers who note that the required moral principles do not deserve any respect and compliance.

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The other study was based in one school where a case study on values in life of children aged 10 to 16 years was conducted:

  • in the first place, people noted the lack of communication;
  • study was on the second place;
  • hobbies occupied the third place;
  • on the last place, 70% of teenagers put the needs for allowance.

Consequently, all problems stem from childhood since many parents simply do not know how to educate their children, and they find themselves alone with their child not knowing what interests him/her. The world around us is changing every day, and with it, children are like a sponge absorbing everything that surrounds them. Hence, it is relevant to understand that the old methods of education are no longer efficient. For example, the pressure on a child, strict control and physical punishment no longer have any effect but rather provoke a child to rebel and deprive him/her of emotional development in a society.

New methods of educating younger generation are fixed on the formation and development of a new identity. For example, special training schools teach a child volitional traits without breaking their will and develop qualities such as compliance and obedience. The main focus now is on the development of free, unique and distinct personalities. Young children should be taught proper behavior in a society. Still, much should be done to improve the current situation when young generation grows into adults full of ignorance and absence of any manners. 

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