The concept of leisure as social class is directly linked to sexuality (sex) in a number of ways. This is due to the fact that sexuality often affects individual’s leisure values. In addition, sexuality determines how an individual will be socially acculturated and assimilated in the society. This in turn, influences a person’s behavior in reference to leisure activities, which an individual can engage himself/herself (Best, 2009). The following analysis explores how the future will be, in reference to sexuality (sex) and leisure as social class.


Sexuality or gender inequality will reduce the number of people participating in leisure activities such as sports. For instance, talented men and women may be discriminated because of their sexuality. This prevents them from taking part in leisure activities, which are income generating. In fact, when such practices of gender bias continue, there will be a retarded growth. A country will never achieve its growth and developmental objectives when its citizens are not allowed to participate in productive leisure activities. Active leisure activities, such as sports generate income to both men and women who take part in the events. This money is not only spent on consumption alone, but it is also saved for future investments. Therefore, it is evidenced that when people are sidelined from taking part in leisure activities, because of their sexual identity, then there are less chances that a country will realize its targeted growth and development. This can be supported by the fact that the economic growth of a country is pegged on the per capita income, but when both men and women are not economically empowered through free involvement in leisure, socio-economic development will be retarded (Best, 2009). Leisure activities should be open to everyone, but not just preserved for the few rich individuals, who are able to afford to be in certain sports such as playing golf.

In sum, it is necessary for each country to end gender inequality, through the provision of equal and affordable access to leisure activities and facilities. In addition, every government should provide both men and women, irrespective of their classes in the society, with equal education, employment opportunities, and promote leisure activities. This will guarantee the country of skilled sports men and women and a population with high purchasing power, irrespective of their sexuality and social classes.

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