Introduction to Socioautobiography

Growing up in a farming community, the money to spend on the best quality education was limited. This placed me in a more disadvantageous position to learn sufficient English language skills, compared to other students from upper-middle-class suburbs. In this regard, one’s income determines his ability to pay for a service rendered. In other words, increase in economic development and ever-rising living standards lead to massive financial expenditure (Bywaters, McLeod & Napier, 2009). This raises the need for higher income to cater for this increase.

Therefore, inadequate income leads one’s inability to afford some of the basic necessities in life, meaning that the chances of better life become limited. To this end, the concept of social stratification is evident since I could barely compete in English language, as compared to students from upper-middle-class suburbs. Moreover, I was expected to take over my family farm when I became of age since it was the norm. As a result, learning adequate English language skills was not a priority.

Socioautobiography Analysis Essay Sample

The way justice is accorded to an individual automatically determines his/her social life. Indeed, in cases where justice is exercised depending on one’s social status in the society, and then not much can be achieved by those in the lower social class. The lower class can be subjected to a lot of social injustices. Even though, I performed my roles as expected of my reference group, I subjected to series of social injustices. This situation made me appear to be a social deviant in the society. For instance, I was caught over speeding on several occasions and had suspensions, and the lower status in the social structure resulted in my suffering.

The ability to read, write and comprehend an issue in English language is a clear factor that determines the health of an individual (Chapman & Hockey, 1999). In addition, studies have shown the relationship between education and good health (Bartlett, 2007). Good health is not just something to come by, but it must be initiated, specifically from within. Regarding this, it has always been my individual duty to ensure that there is safety in the environment. Despite the fact that I had little education and could not take keen interest in deteriorating living and health conditions, my living condition could only worry me when it reached the deplorable state. It can as well be argued that it is my state of mind, which led me into a great trouble.

The degree of honor that individual or groups enjoy in a particular environment can be referred to as prestige (Beddoe & Maidment, 2009). Besides, this kind of honor is pegged on the social class issues, thus locking a number of individuals outside certain social strata. The occupation of an individual has a lot of effect on one’s status in the society. Such stratification helps us to classify people, who live in one geographic location. Considering my social status in the society, I tried to fit was on a higher educational ground to compete with more fortunate students from upper-middle-class suburbs.

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In a trying to fit in an environment that does not fit one’s status, there is a higher risk of not achieving much, thus creating unnecessary psychological impacts on an individual, leading to health repercussions. Besides, the distinct class issue in categorizing different kinds of people within a set up is imminent since there is lack of uniform access to the available resources is a reality that is hard to come by (Bywaters, McLeod & Napier, 2009). Contemplating on my issue, I seem not to have paid any attention to the after effects of class in the society. Notably, it was their ambitions of better lifestyle that drove me. Consequently, it was the ambition, which turned contradictory to my life expectations.

Life chances do not come with social equality. In reality the differences in cultural backgrounds and sub-cultures affect an individual or a reference group in a particular setup. Variations in terms of people’s behavior derive most inputs from the differences in the cultural orientation. However, such cultural orientation may be affected by a new environment in which an individual finds himself. Ethnocentrism means considering people depending on their ethnicity (Kanagy & Kraybill, 1999).

The scope of Social work practice is never achieved in work places in most companies, as some work environment is not safe for workers (Bywaters, McLeod & Napier, 2009). The social work practice refers to ways and means through which repression and unfairness that result into racism and poverty are understood. Workers ought to be allowed to demand for justice, either from the economic or social front. In this regard, his/her worth should be considered, as well as the individual’s racial background. Therefore, the work place should not be discriminatory regarding anything. for instance, ethnicity. Moreover, one should be given what he/she has rightfully achieved or worked for. Therefore, the social work practice is seen as necessity in a work place. It is through this practice that the workers may find comfort in their places of duty. This is opposed to a situation, where people are socially discriminated, depending on their race, sex, and social network, as I experienced (International Federation of Social Workers, 2009).


In conclusion, it is observed that even in the height of very high expectation, as one move into a new area, cautions should be taken on all aspects of life. Life is unique and protecting it starts with individual. One has to ensure not to be exploited on matters concerning ethnicity, sex, economic status, and social status. This also applies to family structure, leisure and group membership. To some extent, I suffered social discrimination, especially in my new environment, which resulted into several social problems I experienced in life. This made me think that my life chances would not vanish, if I was born in higher social strata like other students from the upper-middle-class suburbs.

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