SFU (n.d.) strongly believes that diversity issues will continuously play a big role in the years ahead. According to a 2006 census carried, it was shown that twenty percent of the Canadians are born out of Canada. This is said to be the highest percentage in the past seventy five years. This figure ranks Canada in the second position after Australia.  

SFU (n.d.) makes a projection that by 2020 to 2046 period the population growth of the population of Canada will mainly be due to the immigration. Further projections put the year 2017 as the year when one in five, that is a percentage of between 19 to 23, Canadians will be a member of visible minority group. This is expected to be manifested in the cities of Vancouver and Toronto. Additional estimates make claims that by 2017 the young aboriginal adults will show an increase of 41.9 percent (FSU Para. 6).

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Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Its diversity ranges from language, ethnic, geographical and cultural. The Canadians are proud of their diversity and have come up with so many initiatives and programs to foster unity and strength among themselves. Their diversity has been a source of their strength specifically to their economy. The language diversity has lead to the development of the language industry: the largest in the world. Canada can also use its diversity to influence international policies. The government of Canada needs to put more efforts in the development of the language industry. This will likely help in the development of other industries for instance the tourism industry. The immigrants have made Canada a popular destination mainly due the diversity of this country.

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