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Information technology involves the use of computers and telecommunications to input, process, store, retrieve, and transmit information. IT gives businesses four main services helping execute the various business strategies: the automation of business process, information, connection with customers as well as productivity tools.

IT professionals help to install applications to design various computer networks and complex information databases. Some the duties that IT professionals must perform include data management, engineering computer hardware, networking, software and database design, and administration and management of entire systems. All services should be in line with the customer’s requirements or preferences.

It is true that some people accept poor quality projects due to faster innovations. They want to be known or heard in order to come up with something new. It could also be about implementing the project within a short time. One thinks of a project and wants it to be completed within the shortest time possible. This results in the appearance of information technology projects and products that are of poor quality.

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Poor quality projects could also come from unskilled IT service providers. A big number of people have become computer literate. One may decide to offer computer services with the little skills they have; they are mainly amateurs who lack thorough training.

The lack of adequate funds can also result in poor quality projects. Customers may not have sufficient funds to have their projects go through the complete analysis phase. Projects end up going through shallow analysis that does not touch all the aspects of the project in question.

Moreover, some projects may be of poor quality based on the equipment in use. Some of the computer components such as the hardware and programs may be out of date and produce poor quality projects. There is a rise in technological advancement, but some users are not aware about the changes that take place. Those using new models have projects of higher quality.

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