The idea I have is to build built-in back up batteries inside smart phones.  These days’ smart phones dominating the world it seems as everyone would like a smart phone. Most of the smart phones have spaces in them like big brand I phones or Samsung phones. If you look around, people have problems with battery life in the phones. I would like to build a battery the size of a penny or small that give up to one hour life to the phone. With all the functionalities of the smart phone, it would be nice to have a smart phone that can sustain at least 24 hours of battery life, despite one being on the internet or playing games or using the GPS while traveling. Also, why I want to do this is because we live in a world where act of weather or tsunami and earthquakes comes and we lose power. Therefore, if people try to reach their love once or emergency places they may use their phones. For instance, if police or emergency personals try to track the person location, they use the phone and therefore, it needs to be on. The period they can use phones these days in most of the smart phones have battery life at least 4 hours or fewer.  I would like to build batteries that give them at least one hour or more. 

I will contact companies like AAA or Energize or companies that manufacture cell phone batteries. I will use their existing programs try to build up my idea. There is some technology available that will reduce my time for built-in battery. Because I am just reducing the size of battery, the real work comes in programming in the phones. When original battery is out how and when back up battery should start working? There is a lot of the process comes in have software built in the setting of the phone. So people have the option on or off for back up battery uses. When person leave it on that, they should know when phone battery is about to die it will atomically uses back up battery.

We can also create an application (app) that does the same thing; the application will read the percentage of battery life remaining. If the percentage of battery life falls below 5%, the app will automatically switch on the back up battery such that, if the main phone battery dies the backup battery will be available for use. The app itself should have an on and off option. This gives the user an option whether he/she wants to use the backup battery right away or reserve it for whenever they need to make a quick call.

When the main phone battery is being charged, the backup battery should also be charged. This means modifying the phone hardware for this to be possible. The main Question people will be asking is why I am coming up with this idea rather than extend the phone battery for a long period. I would like to build a backup battery because we live in the technological world and anything can happen. These days’, people use their smart phones more than laptops or desktop computers. If suddenly phone battery stops, what will you do to have in on again? Will you buy a new battery for the phone? While you doing this, it should not stop you from using your phone. We rely on technology, and it is becoming an integral part of lives believe it or not. Why not make it easier in any way we can?

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