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The world changes and advances every day; this is evidenced by the changes that have been recorded since the ancient times. The world has evolved from a non-developed form to a highly advanced stage. There have been immense changes especially in the technological aspect. What is termed as high technology in one period becomes obsolete within no time. There are advancements in technology due to the education improvement all over the world. Scientists daily discover new phenomenon, which within no time is adopted into the technological world.

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Changes are also found in other aspects of life like farming where new breeds are invented through cross breeding. This is true for both animals and plants. There are also changes in the people aspects of lives. This is especially in the present age of globalization. The changes in the western world flow the world over. They transcend to all nations especially in the global village age. This paper views the globe in the year 2006 and 2056. It considers how different lives will be transformed; the lives of the Chinese farmer, the African parent, and the United States software engineers are considered.

The African parent has mostly been known for being uptight. The African culture held many ideologies, which were taboo in the community. These dictated the truth concerning the upbringing of children. The children were supposed to be raised in a strict manner that they may follow. They are a dressing code that is allowed, and the food is highly restricted by culture. Some foods are not supposed to be eaten. The food that is highly appreciated includes the legumes that are obtained from the gardens. The African parent is in high restriction concerning eating canned food. They do not believe in refrigeration as they view such food as contaminated food. The African context has changed largely with time.

The globalization effect has been felt in the third world countries including African countries. There is already an inflow of the western culture in Africa. Presently, it is right to assume and predict that in 2056, the African parent will totally be westernized. This is enhanced by the fact that many Africans have gone overseas to pursue further studies. These people have not been given residency in those countries. This means that they will go back to Africa after the completion of their studies. It is understood that these people will be highly westernized. They will form the category of people who will be parents in 2056. This means that the culture of the 2006 African parent will be eroded. Instead, the American culture will have sipped by most of the African parents. The media effect will further heighten the probability of the westernization of the African parent. The media airs many of the western inculcated ideas. This will cause the western trends to erode the values and virtues that were earlier held.

The United States based engineer will be dealing with higher technology than is currently. It is clear that United States is highly advanced in technology. This creates higher chances for engineers to try out new phenomenon (Nelah, Kamlani, and Miho 1). They come out with new ideas and implement new advancements like no other part of the world. This means that, in 2056, the American engineer will be at a totally advanced stage. The current technology will be termed obsolete. New systems will have replaced the former systems.

The Chinese farmer will also have adopted advanced technology. The farming mechanisms in 2056 will have undergone a complete overhaul. The irrigation schemes are likely to have reached a computerization era. It is also possible that in 2056 planting and harvesting will be done in a computerized manner. Researchers are looking into ways in which even the manual labor in the Chinese plantations can be computerized. This will mark an era of high production with less manual labor than before (Yajima). The breeds of cattle in 2056 are also likely to be highly advanced, and more productive. The breeds of plants to be grown are also likely to be highly advanced as compared to the ones grown to date.

The daily routine is also likely to experience a complete overhaul. The year 2056 shall have changed the daily purchasing style. The advancement in globalization will make it possible for one to order lunch online from even a foreign country and receive it within minutes (Wallace 45). It will be possible to order clothes and other goods online and receive them immediately. The shopping style will allow one to shop in a foreign country and receive the product exceptionally fast. This is not going to be overly expensive as would be expected. Instead, it is going to be highly cost effective, as all organizations will be competing against each other. Each organization will try to give the most competitive price. This just means that the works will have advanced so much to allow global transactions from every corner of the world.

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Lastly, the entertainment will also have changed. It is evident that the current cinemas and movies will be replaced by greater advancements. It is impossible to tell what new advancement will have replaced the current entertainment methods. This is because the technological advancements in most times come as a surprise. It is clear though that the mode of entertainment will have changed. The worrying thing is the waste that shall result. Most present gadgets will be termed obsolete. That will be a costly loss as people use a lot of money to acquire these gadgets. People will have to invest into the recent technology to replace the obsolete ones (Wallace 45).

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