Computer study is a fundamental course that is relevant for careers in many fields, in computer related fields and other areas like medicine, engineering, law, business administration and other technical and non-technical fields. The study of databases is vital in effective analysis, transformation and storage of information in computer systems. This growing need to extract, manage and store data has increased significantly over time with the generation of large volumes of data from the electronic business and on the internet. This area of database management or administration has become an indispensable key in the job market for computer majors. This is due to a high rise in the volume of data, which in most cases is sensitive and is continuously in generation.

Database studies train a computer student to set up, access and manage modifications to the computer database systems. This also ensures an understanding of improving the system’s performance, how to upload new users to the computer system and an overall understanding of the platform which the database operates. They also learn how to design the security of the system and the implementation of such systems, which enables one to coordinate and plan security measures. The configuration and global distribution of data communication systems occur in different ways (Paulraj, 2003). This calls for knowledge of network modeling, software and hardware recommendations, supervise systems installation, maintenance services and other related products and services. Databases form the core of all the operational systems and departments of any organization. They form the underlying foundation for corporate information and are crucial in making strategic decisions and implementation. The operations involved in the organization benefit from such databases with the help of a wide distribution of computer processing systems. This explains the inevitable coupling of the two fields of computer science and database studies to students willing to progress career-wise in this area.

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Organizations, companies and various institutions have come to appreciate the value of information as an important asset like or more than other assets such as equipments and cash. They understand the need for extracting, management, use and storage of information. This makes database studies a critical aspect of any area study apart from in computer studies. A database is an ordered collection of similar data components with the intention to meet an organization’s information needs for sharing by different users in that particular system. It then becomes inevitable for anyone joining an organization to be well conversant with database management. This includes the basics concepts involved or in a more detailed very specific to ones area of specialization. Students in other majors need to at least learn the fundamental concepts in the development and applications of databases. These include among others data repository where the physical data reside in different data storage units, data structuring and database software such as oracles (Ramakrishnan & Gehrke, 2003).

The software is a database management system and not the database itself as it only assists in managing and protecting data. Database systems ensure integration of all data in one logical system with minimal data redundancy that can be understood and accessed by anyone. For example in a bank setup, information about a client’s various accounts should not appear twice for the same person. A payroll application integrates all the employees’ details e.g. name, address, and salary among others. A human resource database has information on qualifications and skills; the pension plan database also follows the same trend. In a business setup, databases become useful in integrating such details as catalogues, invoices, orders, sales and so on. Database application allows every department to utilize its portion of database and sharing of the different data structures. This shows the wide relevance of database knowledge in almost all areas of operation.

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