This paper seeks to establish information, concerning business information and management of the organization. To bring out this information clearly we will discuss the subject in relation to a business whose focus is in the manufacture of renewable energy technology. This means that the business, discussed in this paper, focuses on the production or invention of technology that makes tools or items, which work towards renewing of energy. In such organizations business information and management of the organization is a relevant element and, therefore, it will form the basis of the discussion. In this case, the chosen business is SunTech, whose main business focus is the manufacture of renewable energy technology. This paper will focus on the application of business information and management of organization in relation to Suntech business by looking at the way the business operates and functions (Plunkett, 2009).

Suntech business is an international leader business, whose main objective is to deal with the current energy challenges. The company achieves this through the manufacture of renewable energy technology, which helps in solving the problem of energy shortages. In achieving to solve the energy challenges present in the world today, the business manufactures, develops, and delivers the most reliable and cost-effective form of solar energy solutions. The business began in 2001, under the leadership of a solar scientist by the name Dr. Zhengrong Shi. The business prides in being the world’s largest manufacturers of silicon solar modules. The production of these solar modules has been an energy solution to many aspects of life including homes, companies, solar power plants, and off-grid systems. Being a global business Suntech has solar modules installations in more than eighty countries globally and with offices in thirteen countries. Its regional headquarters are in California, Switzerland, and China (Wüstenhagen, 2008).

Suntech is a large business organization, and it cannot miss the decision-making aspect as it deals with the manufacture of vital technology to the world. Most of the decisions, the business will make, will be strategic, tactical, and operational as the decisions support the functioning of the business. Strategic decisions are those, which relate to the identification of overall or long-term goals and objectives of the business with an aim of attaining the goals. When it comes to Suntech, the most obvious strategic decision, the business focuses on, is the one of producing technology, which will help in renewable energy. This means that in whatever the business engages in or undertakes, it has to be in line with manufacturing of renewable energy technology. This is because this forms the basis of the business objectives, goals, and it is up to the business to make decisions, which will enable it to attain its goals. The workers and employees of business all work towards achieving the objective of producing renewable energy technology. At Suntech, this is evident as it has come up with the silicon solar modules, which are a renewable energy technology. The manufacture of these solar modules is an example of a strategic decision in the business (Martinot & Li, 2007).

Also, there are the tactical decisions in the business organizations, which an extraordinarily useful in the management of the business. The main aim of tactical decisions in any organization is to guarantee success in the activities the business undertakes. In the case of Suntech business, the making use of quality materials in producing the silicon solar modules will ensure that the business attains its objective of manufacturing renewable solar technology. The decisions, concerning the solar products, will lead to the success of the business in the field. Since the success of the business will base on the popularity of its products, Suntech has the responsibility of manufacturing high-quality solar products, which will improve its ranking in the field (Berrah, 2007).

In addition to the above decisions, there are operational decisions, whose main aim is to make sound and timely decisions through spotting and understanding problems, issues, priorities, opportunities, and possible consequences through effective approaches to business. An example of the operational decision, made by Suntech in the past, is manufacturing solar modules, which make use of the solar energy. In this case, the management spotted the problem of relying on the hydro- electric energy, which can be unstable and expensive. The business, then, made use of the solar energy, which is less expensive but can still enable the business to meet its objective of manufacturing renewable energy technology (Gant, 2009).

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In any business, organization there is an aspect of information needed for any decision the business makes. No decision will be made in any organization without relevant information being present. The first step in any decision making process is the presentation of information which either support or dispute the proposals presented. Information is necessary in any organization, as it facilitates communication and efficiency of the business. In this part of the paper, we will focus on the information, which will be necessary to Suntech, making the above decisions (Sawin & World watch Institute, 2004).

Strategic decisions will require a wide range of information because it forms the basis of the business objectives and goals. For Suntech to make the decision of venturing into the business of manufacturing renewable energy technology, it had information on the need of the world in relation to energy matters. The information collected included the shortcomings of other renewable energy technology, which were not meeting the customers’ needs of having reliable technology. Suntech has since grown to be an international company with their products, serving over eighty countries in the world. This means that the information the business came up with is on the methods the business will employ in venturing into other markets apart from the original market. Other information, relevant to the strategic decisions that Suntech makes, includes the source of the raw materials for their solar products, the benefit the people will have in using their products, the cost of other competitive products, and other information. For any business to make the strategic decision, it will require gathering of information, concerning the markets they intend to venture in, their competitors, the products they intend to manufacture, and the impact the introduction of their business will have on the whole world (Wuebker, 2011).

The information necessary to tactical decision making should be that which would ensure the business attains its goal of manufacturing renewable energy. This will include information, regarding the products to be manufactured, the quality, the need of customers, and the ideas of the competitors in the market. In the case of the operational decisions, the information required will be of the wide variety. In most cases, the information will be about the operation of the business that is the activities Suntech engages in the effort of achieving its business goals (Picot, 2008).

In every business, undertakings, there has to be competition and these competitors have ideas, which Suntech, as a business, cannot help but adopt. For instance, Suntech can adopt the idea of expanding its products like the Hanwha Solar One Company, which deals in the manufacture of other products, in addition to the solar technology. The expansion of its products will also increase its market in the world and increase innovation. Another ideology is of expanding its operations to the wider part of the world like Hanwha Solar One Company, which has more branches than Suntech. This is evident in the presence of its offices in several parts of the world, and the large number of employees the business hires. Other ideas, which can be of interest from the competitor partners, are the cost of its products. It is noteworthy that Suntech has prices, which are cost efficient to the customers so that its market can expand. The cost of products tends to increase the preference of different businesses in the same market, and it is, therefore, essential that an organization have customer friendly costs of products (Pace, 2009).

In any business information and management market research is essential as it provides the business with information it should operate on. In this section of the paper, we analyze three items of market research which will be relevant to Suntech business. The first item of market research is on ways in which Suntech can expand its business and markets in different parts of the world. This area requires market research as no business can venture in to it blindly. The second item of market research is in relation to the technology, in use at Suntech. Since its objective is to manufacture renewable energy technology, it will be essential that the technology the business employs is updated and able to manufacture quality products. This area will need extensive market research because of the wide presence of technology in the market. The last aspect of market research in Suntech is products it can manufacture in line with the silicon solar technology. The business can make use of the opportunity to make other products, which can work in line with the solar technology they produce. For instance, the business can also make televisions, which will make use of the silicon solar technology.

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