The computers have been used as a way of organization to change the efficiency and effectiveness in the organizations and in the academic as well the professional life. They have however been seen to impact both negatively and positively the different fields in which they are used.

The positive effects of the computers have been felt in the personal lives in that they have made communication easier and faster between different parties. Personal pictures can be stored there as well as a safe place for keeping the records. However, they have also had demerits like miscommunication of the online couples, misinformation among the young people leading to conflicts, decay of morals due to information and pictures from the computers like porn, health problems due to being hooked up to computer, reduced interpersonal communication, and the addiction that results in break ups in the families. In addition to this, there is a lack of good communication. It is known that better communication does not mean the best communication. Computers have also brought about a poor generation that is not independent in mind as it uses the technology to do anything that they want and therefore render the minds redundant and useless.

In the professional life, the computer technology has enabled video conferencing, communication and decision making, telecommunicating, faster and clear information, easier and faster development and storage of data as well as allowing creativity and embracing websites for easier advertisement. However, though this has been made possible, it has also had a negative impact on the professional arena. The essence of team work has been curtailed as telecommunication has hindered it, some of the resourceful information has been hacked and exposed, there has been faked transparency as there is no supervision; the electronic waves are dangerous to the employees and may be fatal and there may also be reluctance on the side of employees and distractions from some of the sites in the internet that consume a lot of data and working time like “Facebook”. Finally, there is easier supervision and delegation of the duties using the computer technology, and the supervisor does not need to be there personally for the tasks to be done effectively.

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Finally, the computers have been used in the academic environment and have improved the levels of literacy even through improved research; the exams and courses have become flexible; there has been E-learning and a comparison of many sources of learning has been enabled. However, there has been a reduced teacher-student relationship which makes the students excel, there has been a loss of important information after the computers crash due to viruses, and then there is misinterpretation in the online information as it is relayed better face-to-face. In addition to this, the underperformers are disadvantaged as they do not have the lecturer-student contact and this leads to underperformance in their case.

In all these ways, there is a great way that the computers have improved the economy of many nations through the increment of productivity. They have brought about efficiency and effectiveness and have reduced the labor force that is required. It is therefore necessary to embrace this technology and to be able to put the control measures that will help achieve the goal of establishing the computer technology. In short, we can say that we need to take advantage, exploit the advantages, and strive to stamp on the negative effects of this technology.

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