The most likely electrical technological advancement in the future is Battery technology. Batteries are electronic gadgets that store electricity derived from chemicals. With the expanding technological works, equipment that are powered are increasing, (McNeil, 1990). This calls for more efficient batteries, good on energy storage, in quantity and slow in heir discharge. I.e. long lasting batteries. Small appliances and machinery, both mobile and stationary are faced with energy crises. Improvements in technology on batteries will help solve this energy crisis. Batteries have been developed from the very simple batteries to complex ones.

The improvement of electrical energy storage is a potential upturn in the future since many machines are now designated to use electrical energy instead of the widely used fossil fuels. Cars today are taking a completely new trend in their mobility energy source. Electrical cars are being manufactured in countries like the U.S. This has been so due to the increasing awareness against pollutant fossil fuels. The technological improvement on batteries definitely will reach to the cars, to even improve on the short term batteries being used today to long term rechargeable batteries for the future, (McNeil, 1990).

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According to Merriam, (2007), the future world will be ruled by machines even with the emergence of robot machines, having internal batteries. These will be made to replace most of the hard work human labour. Still bound to happen in this future is the increasing mobility of people and their items. The mobility referred to here is the daily routine mobility.  The weight of these batteries is of significant importance and since the science behind manufacture of batteries isn't complex the technological advancement is still to improve. Batteries that are long lasting, able to store power for a long time and slim are being made.

Research is being done on batteries using Carbon Nanotubes to produce electricity. These are light weight bendable batteries made of sub microscopic structures of Carbon Nanotubes. The main point here is the ease of improvement in battery technology, (McNeil, 1990). Paper batteries and light capacitors have been developed to replace the old heavier lead batteries. Electric cars have gone a step further to use air fuelled batteries and batteries based on hydrogen storage.

To conclude, the world is dynamic and with the increasing demand in efficiency of work, machinery is in great demand. These machines, for the sake of flexibility they will be mobile and portable. To power them, billions of batteries will need to be produced with basic qualities of light weight and energy storage efficiency; therefore I conclude with enough support that electric battery advancement is key in the future.

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