The product HTC EVO is one of the most anticipated technologies in terms of communication devices.  The device which uses the android operating system has a wide range of features that have made it to appear so appealing to many mobile phone fanatics. The device has powerful features with over thirty thousand apps readily available to fill any gap. It has a huge screen for a phone and the Wi-Fi technology excellent camera one GHz processor coupled with a HD TV experience are some of its basic features that are found in smart phones. This device uses four G which is taken to be ten times stronger than the three G network. The special features that differentiate it from other smart phones are simply breath taking deeming its pricing which is in the range of two hundred dollars reasonable.

A sprint criterion is one in which this organization rate devices to be environmentally preferable to an average wireless device. This is arrived from extensive research and forums with green electronics non governmental institutions and corporate responsibility advisory services. The criteria also identifies with areas that are relevant to the customer and also environmentally meaningful. This sprint criterion reflects both environmental mission and green specifications (Glen, 60)

HTC EVO according to sprint criteria has earned points on its ability to cut down on environmentally harmful materials such as lowering the levels of PVC and Beryllium which are harmful to the environment. This has been done though designing the device and using materials that is friendlier to the environment than other used by normal electronic devices. The battery is made of low mercury containing lithium to ensure in case of improper disposal the environment does not contain high levels of this heavy metal as it is poisonous. This has also been done and the features of the device not compromised making it even more attractive to environmentalists.

The ability to manage the power by the users through a proper interface that allows the user to alter his phones working to cater to his energy needs is another criteria sprint have used to classify this phone, the device has full visual and audio alerts that notify user when the battery is full so as power cables' un mounted so save energy and notifications when the battery is empty and user needs to charge it to prevent spoilage of the battery. The device also comes with specifications on how long the battery can retain charge under various applications running on it. The sprint criteria rank this device highly as it is able to withstand a couple of application for several hours with talk time included (Karch, 7).

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HTC EVO is made from highly recyclable material and contains a recycle envelope included on its box. This mark is also found on the standard connector and any recyclable plastics. The plastics on the device bearing this mark are reused in case the phone life has ended. This is under the criteria of lifecycle management according to sprints, the device is not mishandled has a reasonably high lifecycle hence it is favorable to the environment as not many of its components go to waste in case the device spoils.

Innovation in this device is part of the bonus points that sprint gives this device as its design and the various features are purely magnificent ranging from its cameras, large memory capability and its huge screen just to mention a few of its features that make it part of the last decades innovative devices. The device is credited for its weight as is lighter compared to other phones and is its camera compared to the smart phone is much superior. The screen is also an attractive feature to customers who prefer large screens. It has both three G and four G capability that guarantee the user completely exciting and first experience. It also has Wi-Fi that guarantees the user access to internet in hot spots all over. Fast video streaming is also a plus for this device to it four G compatibility. The device also gives room for addition of applications in case of new inventions that may want the user to upgrade the software or even adds new software (Asif, 106).

The device comes with eco-friendly features that educate the user on the need to conserve the environment, such features like gaming applications that allow users to choose environmental friendly vehicles are useful in sensitizing the user about the environment and the various alternatives available to the general population. The device also allows eco-friendly advertisements to run in the phone so as to promote protection of the environment.

The android device comes in a sustainable packaging complete with user support material that fully explain each function of the device to new users and all trouble shootings, it also comes with a two year agreement to return the device to the company for repairs in case it gets spoilt through causes beyond the users help. It also clearly states the companies policies and the full environmental impact of the device and how to reduce them in order to avoid the destruction of the environment, this criteria according to sprint also praises the android device.

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