A graphic file in computers is one of the most common file type widely used in computers and exchanged between users.  Often when working with computers, it become necessary recover deleted graphic files for the purpose of reusing them or performing forensic analysis with them.  Recovery of graphic files can be done using a number of techniques depending on the type of files to be recovered. Some of these techniques and tools work by improving the image to facilitate successful recovery (Wiles, & Reyes, 2007). Other tools can help forensic experts determine the timeline for any particular file thus detecting any alterations (Carvey, 2005).

To examine graphic files, techniques that rely on the identification of data structure of graphics file that will assist in the identification of particular graphic file. Techniques in use include Demosaicing which involve converting raw picture data to another format (). This is useful in avoiding having to work with proprietary standards. A graphic file can also be analyzed by examining the Meta data information of the picture as evidence for a case. To recover graphic files, some operating systems ship with inbuilt software though some may be difficult to use. For most digital cameras, their output is in exchangeable image file and has metadata that can be examined. For Mosaicing, a proprietary format can be converted to a standard format like JPEG.

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To search for graphics files in my computer, I used a software solution meant for searching graphic files in my computer. For this case, I installed a trial of ProDiscover software which I was able to launch after the competition of the installation process. My utility of choice was ProDiscover, because it could enable me to search my computers hard disk at a remote location as well as its ease of use. I used ProDiscover to search for file in the hard disk of my laptop computer. After launch, I chose New project and supplied a name for it. I then click on Action and then Add  followed by Image File .Clicking on Open, I was able to open my previous saved project  from where I clicked on Action then on Search. I then clicked on Cluster search and then selecting the case sensitive option then clicked on Ok button to search. This allowed me to choose the partition where the search was to be done. The search was completed after a while from where I saved the files to a new location.

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