Green computing is the invention and adoption of computer systems that are environmental friendly. Thus, they conserve the maximum possible energy. Opportunistic grids are platforms that are distributed and built using the available resources from a platform of existing hardware. They harness the computing power of resources that are idle. This makes sure that resources are not wasted in the environment. Virtualization and Windows Management Instrumentation create standards in which administration information can be accessed (Castro, 2012). Creation of virtual machines could be the solution to establishing the two suggested environments in ordinary computing. They support the existence of safe environments, as well as risky ones.

Energy-Optimal Dynamic Thermal Management for Green Computing

In microprocessors, there are thermal management systems which are extremely vital. Most people think that the main aim of this system is the reduction of thermal emergencies. However, they function to reduce the energy consumption by the cooling system, as well as the processor. Modern desktop computers have heat sinks with a high thermal resistance. This makes the number of fans required to be more than the number of nodes present. Therefore, an efficient system should reduce the cooling power considerably. However, this simply avoids thermal emergencies. Energy saving is not entirely achieved due to excessive leakage power consumption.

Green: The New Computing Coat of Arms

Green computers and computer accessories are on sale all over the world. Consultants have introduced green products, as well as greener ways of conducting business. There have been increased technical debates on the energy efficiency of these green computers. IT businesses are adopting green computing in order to keep up with the competition created. However, they should realize that they are supporting a sustainable environment. Adoption of green computing requires much science and engineering (Williams, 2008). However, there is a strong future for it, judging from the number of firms willing to adopt it. In the future, the energy saving goals can be achieved in a short span.

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Green Computing

The speech of Butler Lampson at The US National Science Foundation’s 2005 cyber trust meeting was fascinating. He suggested that ordinary computing should be divided into two colors: red and green. The red environment would be a risky one since it would be prone to the attacks of today’s internet. On the other hand, the green environment is safe and more protected. This has been used in the encryption devices of the military. They have a red side, which is not encrypted and a black one that is encrypted. Therefore, this is something that is achievable (Landwehr, 2005). However, it is likely to be opposed by many people in the world.

Green Computing

People may think that they are saving much energy when recycling items. However, they fail to realize the amount of energy that a computer consumes. Some people even leave their computers on for hours with no one using them. The environmental protection agency came up with the conclusion that computers account for five percent of the country’s energy consumption. However, it is possible to buy a computer that is friendly to the environment. Such a computer should meet the minimum standards which have been established by EPA’s energy star computers program. These computers reduce the power consumption by an enormous margin (Rosalind, 1994).


With the newly outsourced environment, companies have to manage the amount of skills and labor that should be available. The retaining of more people assures the companies of increased benefits. Factors such as intellectual property, culture, language and many others give Mexico an upper hand over the other countries in technology. These are factors that are expected to benefit the larger states of America. The data centre power bills are expected to grow continuously and exponentially in the near future. The Environmental Protection Agency predicted that this would take four years. Along with this, green computing is becoming necessary for most firms.

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