The face of Osama in the movie, as portrayed by Marina Golbahari is the best. The bafflement, the hard face, the uncommon fracture into the smile her weeping, and cry, which got Marina in speechless situation was the best part of the movie by the character. Arif Herati, who was a child character played an integral part in the movie when the boys shielded she gave convincing Espandi. In the movie, it applies the style of suspension, which makes the audience to ask themselves what next. The movie “Osama,” brings in the  other but similar hard medicine’ movie by the Iran film director, afar Panahi’s ‘The Circle’ 2000 is a sympathetic story  of ills which befell  four  women in the uncompromising  community. The director Michael Winterbottom’s docudrama’ In this World,’ which was out in 2003 Sundance, cycle the true perception of how the smuggling of the human cargo of, Jamal, who was 16 years old and was Afghan immigrant. We see also the blink of hope in the Britain; Koller Xavier’s ‘Journey of Hope,’ is a situation of diminishing hope.

The director, Siddiq bermak in the movie he included some weak scenarios which usually belittle the normal high sense of authenticity of the movie. For instance, in the wedding farewell the women are  singing in the movie about the men who in the war against Russia in the 1980s.The director want to show the background of the characters other than the true conviction of the story, which is to the Osama and not the Taliban.

The movie Osama is one that majorly depicts the plaques that entirely brought to the nation by the Taliban. The movie primarily looks at the miserable life of the movie characters, which captures the life, which the people went through in Afghanistan. In the Surrealistic environment and setting, the movie does not take into account the minute glimpses of the good life in Afghanistan. In analyzing the weakness of the movie, it is evident that the movie has poor subtitles. Eyal in the review has taken an issue with opening quote of the movie, which was obvious and becomes unnecessary. The subtitles use caption. The actual quote, in the opening part of the movie, is from Ali Shariati who is all time-celebrated figure of the Islamic Revolution in Iran who died before he saw all things kick off. Ali mentions the name of God, and he says that he be put in the place of those who give away their worldly wishes for holy ones. The quotes from Ali are more sensitive, reminiscent and at the same time complex in the context of the movie.

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The movie, “Osama,” is the first movie in the country since the defeat of oppressive Taliban era. The movie provides an upsetting experience especially as the movie shows the nature of the oppressive dictatorship. The dictatorship of the regime clearly comes out through the experience, which the young girl passes through. The Taliban was against women and believed that being a woman was similar to sinning against God. This brings out the theme of the oppression of women in the movie. As a result, the women got the opportunity to hold jobs, appear in the public domain without the male company. The women were did not get a chance to show their face or any part of the body while in outdoors. The movie chiefly focuses on the effects of the war on widows who underwent starvation because of the skewed laws of the land. The movie also highlights the story of the young girl who her mother loses job in the local hospital. For the family to get food, they devised risky tactics, which could harm the girl. The mother and the grandmother of the girl could pass the girl and dress her like a boy so that she can work as a shop attendant in the neighborhood. Despite the consequences of the plot, the young girl dares and chooses to go. The girl was exceedingly careful during the indoctrination and military training class with boys. This required of her to have an extra effort so that the Taliban does not discover her subterfuge. This act on the family set up, brings out the injustices done on the women mistreated by Taliban as animals. This brings out the themes of the family unit and the predicament of females in the movie.

The movie starts with strange scenario where a mammoth group of women wearing blue burkhas is in a protest. The women in the demonstration demanded their right to work like the men. This to women was their right, but they forgot that they have no right of assembling. The local Taliban on seeing the women demonstrating hosed them down with high-pressure hoses prior to opening fire on the rioting women. The Taliban act in the name of some little god is madness which depicts how the human being has have taken the concept of religion and twist it to fit their situations. The men feel justified in their mistreatment of the women on earth. This shows how the element of religion is misinterpreted to suit the interest and the ill works of the Taliban group. The movie not only shows the mayhem against the women characters, but also the suppleness of the idea of religion. This conception of religions in America where it surpasses the suffering that we endure on earth and guarantee justification through the higher standard.

The most remarkable thing about the movie is that it mostly focuses on the crimes committed by the religious groups. The crimes committed by these religious extremist include the hijacking of the planes, placing of bombs on the sides of the roads, and kidnapping innocent civilians. The movie further shows how women are inhumanly treated, which exhibit a form crosses violation of the basic rights of women.

As the movie proceeds, a woman character openly wishes that God should have never created women. In the words of the woman character, we least expected her to say that God should not have created women but the expectation was that God should not have created Taliban. This clearly shows that the Taliban has profoundly colonized the minds of the women.’ Osama’, Movie has become the early works of the post-war Italian neo-realism: little, unadorned and devastating in its simplicity and humanity.

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