All over the world, technology is considered an excellent discovery in all fields. Many industries use technology to manufacture their products. Additionally, even in sports, technology is being used. This time institutions are trying to establish whether technology will be effective in teaching or not. For instance, the use of PowerPoint and other technological programs may be used in classes to improve grades. In this is case, an analysis on the use of education in teaching is done to find out whether it is effective or not.

Research Process

The study was conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with use of approximately four hundred and eighty students. The researcher tries to evaluate whether the students grades are affected positively or negatively. Additionally, he also wants to establish whether students concentrate in class when the use of technology is being employed by lecturers. Moreover, the researcher aims at finding out whether the use of technology programs like PowerPoint are a supplementary of class attendance.

Based on the study results, students strongly agreed that technology significantly affect the grades positively. Second, students responded positively about their concentration in class due to the use of technological programs. However, they strongly disagreed that the programs are a substitute to attending classes. This means that technology programs like PowerPoint help students in their studies. On the other hand, the research was one side. This is because only one course has been used for this research yet there are facilities to use many courses. Second, they could have used other schools to establish whether these results are unanimous among the different schools.

This research will be helpful in establishing whether technological programs are a break through in teaching. Since technology has been praised in many fields all over the world, this research will be a great avenue to find out whether technology in classrooms is the best thing that has ever happened to both students and teachers.

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This research article aims at finding out what are the advantages and disadvantages of using technology in teaching. The advantages are improving efficiency in teaching. Additionally, technology has improved grades in many schools that have embraced technology. On the other hand, the author of this article has established that despite technology being a great advantage to classrooms, it has certain flaws. The author has established that technology has reduced creativity in classes. Students and teachers have placed too much reliance on technology abandoning creativity among the different students.

The research has explained extremely well the use of technology in different courses and school. This is because it used a wide scope to collect different data to come up with the conclusion. However, the number of students used in this research is not enough. Second, technology is global. Therefore, this research should have tried to establish whether people from other parts of the world have the same effects when they use technology in their institution. This research is extremely helpful in establishing whether technological programs in classes are the best thing in learning institutions or not. Additionally, it is helpful in establishing solutions to disadvantages of technology in classrooms.


The evolution of technology has changed the living conditions of people globally. In the education system, the use of technology in classrooms is at the pilot stages. Scholars are trying to evaluate whether it is effective or not. Based on the above analysis, technology in classrooms is extremely effective. The only recommendation is that scholars should find to make students to continue being creative. This is where creative programs or courses should be established for students while using technology. This way it will be extremely beneficial to the students.

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