Information Technology Acts Paper Example

In the recent past, information technology has been very dynamic and its advancement has changed the way we used to do some things. One of the areas which information technology has a great impact is communication. Nowadays, there are so many ways of communicating and information technology has played a major role in developing the number of ways we use to communicate. Different devices for communication have been developed as well as other means of communication like the social media.

Some advances of the IT have been a nuisance to the society because of the unnecessary interference they are causing. Due to this, the society has raised ethical concerns towards different IT applications. To counter these issues the government has introduced different acts to protect the society from the nuisance. Example of the acts which have been put forward by the US government to counter these vices of IT is “Do Not Call Implementation Act, 2003” and “Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), 1991”.

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The two acts were introduced to counter the technology which was used by the telemarketers either to market their products or announce a meeting. The technologies which were used by these telemarketers included: automatic telephone dialing system, prerecorded or artificial voice messages, telephone facsimile machines, telephone number capturing systems etc (FCC, 2000). The telemarketers used these technologies to consumer’s home which ended up causing a lot of objections. Many of the consumers were not interested in receiving the telemarketers’ calls as well as their text messages. The major problem which led to the objections of these services is because the identity of the caller was not revealed and they could call at any time interrupting the consumers in their daily activities(Gravelle, 2004).

The IT advancement had reached a place whereby individuals were receiving useless anonymous calls. That is why the two acts were introduced to prevent the society from this havoc. Due to the implementation of the two acts, the consumers who receive calls from telemarketers have access to the following information: the organization calling, the phone number called, whether the caller has any exemption status, the services or goods being marketed, and the time when the call occurred(Gravelle, 2004). The introduction of these acts was not in vain because the number of unnecessary calls people used to receive has drastically reduced.

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