In what ways have smart phones that incorporate wireless technologies changed the business landscape?

Smart phones have greatly changed the manner in which organizations and businesses communicate employers, employees and consumers.  Many people use smart phones to market and do shopping (Green 2010, 4). The employee has the liberty to perform work from any location at any given time, with often open to information. Smart phones have replaced notebooks and laptops in workplace. Indeed smart phones have changed our world into a big global market. They have reshaped the manner business is conducted. Online commerce has redefined shopping in away that has affected retailers (Green 2010, 4).  Many retailers have been eliminated, and the few that have managed to survive are not happy. This in turn has increased productivity

Why is wireless technology so important?

Wireless technology provides business with inexpensive and flexible ways to disseminate as well as receive date. It also creates mobile workforce that saves organizations and business time and money.

2. How does GPS technology work?

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GPS is the abbreviation for global positioning system (Karch 2010, 29). GPS has satellites that send signals to the ground equipment. GPS receivers weakly receive signals, but they do not by themselves transmit signals.  The satellites placed on the earth’s orbit broadcast specific signals, much like the normal radio signals.  The technology aerial receives the signals. Although the signal is weak, the technology is cheap and economical. The signals transfer capture and data from the aerial, which is decoded for the GPS software to use (White 2006).  The data is very specific that the global positioning system software can detect individual satellite and its location in space and estimate the length of time the signal takes from the aerial to the global positioning system receiver.  The global positioning system can estimate the location of a receiver using “different signals from different satellites”

Is it real time? 

In an ideal world, the correctness should be complete; however, many different agents prevent this. In addition, GPS operations relies on reference time point that atomic clock provides.  Each global positioning system satellite sends information, which indicates its current time and location.  Since some satellites are further than others, they do not access the receiver at the same time.

Can GPS technology be used in a business environment too?

GBS can be used in business at different capacities.  For instance, businesses can use GPS to locate the location of their vehicles.  Commercial and recreational vessels use GPS receivers to give real-time longitude, time, course, speed information and latitude.  GPS can be used to track employees. GPS enables business to know where the worker is at any particular time.  Businesses dealing with deliveries, in particular, can be able to known where the supplies have reached (White 2006).

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