In the past ten years, there has been much innovation that has improved our every day lives. Improvement in science and technology has completely changed how we communicate, relate with other people as well as how we think about being a modern person. Blackberry, a gadget that has improved communication, is an important ecommerce innovation in the past ten years. This device has increased the freedom to go to any location while still maintaining connectivity. The innovation of blackberry has been made possible by the use of the diffusion theory, which a theory that helps in explaining the why, how and at what rate technology and a new idea diffuse through different culture (Rogers 1995).

Diffusion theory

This theory was brought forward by a rural sociology professor, Everett Rogers in his book known as Diffusion of innovations in 1962. He states that diffusion is a process whereby innovations are communicated via particular channels over a period of time among different members who are of a social system. The book explains four elements that control how a new idea can spread. These elements are: communication channels, the innovation, social system and time. These elements are improved by five stages namely: persuasion, knowledge, implementation, confirmation, and decision. 

When a certain innovation is adopted, it diffuses through different communication channels. Through this period of communication, the new idea is not understood from the scientific perceptive; but as a subjective view influenced by the diffusion of the innovation. This process happens over a period of time, and the different social systems influence diffusion, types of the innovation decision, change agent, and the consequences of the innovation (Rogers 1995).

Application of diffusion theory in blackberry innovation

Blackberry was originally introduced in the tear 1998 in the market. Later in the year 2002, this wireless device was developed into a Smartphone. This wireless idea helps in accessing email and corporate together with telephone and internet use. As we know that blackberry phone is a technological innovation in the last ten years, application of some of the ideas from the diffusion theory can promote better understanding about blackberry diffused into the social systems for various reasons.

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Diffusion theory offers a framework that helps understand why some innovations are just adopted by some people and not all. It also explains about qualities that are appealing to the adopters such as compatibility. Diffusion theory shows the clearly the communication channels that spread the information about blackberry. Additionally, it provides models that are successful so as to promote their successful diffusion in their campaign (Rogers 1995).

The four factors that determine adoption of a particular innovation namely: innovation itself, time, communication channels that are used in spreading information concerning the innovation, and the society that receives the innovation are applied in the blackberry innovation in order to increase its diffusion. Under the innovation itself, the theory suggests that an innovation with characteristics such as compatibility, observability is easy adopted since they are appealing to the social system. For instance, the blackberry has various connectivity such as; GPRS, 3G, and EDGE, as well as the brilliant camera that appeals the buyers (Pignedoli 2011).

The communication channels that are used to spread the information about the blackberry are also vital. The relationship between people influences the success of spreading the innovation from the source to the person receiving the information. For instance, this blackberry with features that are appealing mostly to the young people will be easier spread to other young people who are unaware.

            Social system, which includes organization and individuals, play big part in spreading innovation. Diffusion of the blackberry is dependent on the social structure, opinion leaders, and the norms that are in the society. Young people who are part of the social system are good example of the people who diffuse the blackberry innovation because it has excellent features that please them. Additionally, time of diffusion of innovation is also an important factor.  For instance, the rate of adoption of the blackberry innovation is growing rapidly due to its excellent features that the potential adopters admire. As a result, many people will buy this gadget since it is modernized (Kang 2009). 


This discussion about the diffusion of blackberry, focused on the factors: communication channels, innovation, time and the nature of the social structure that adopts the innovation. Its clearly shows that blackberry has a full potential for adoption in social system because of its good features such as brilliant camera, various connectivity modules, qwerty keypad, and its slim design that makes it easier to carry.

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