Technology is the process of employing scientific knowledge to develop paraphernalia such as computers that enable human beings to find solutions to problems they face the society. According to Griffin (2008, pp. 429-430) personality revolves around character traits and to him Steve Jobs had one great personality. Steve was very persuasive, confident, charismatic, energetic and powerful. These traits made him extremely creative and visionary they led to great success in Apple Company even though there were challenging periods (Griffin, 2008).

            Bruce (2005, p. 83) asserts that a killer application refers to an extra ordinary solution to a problem. The solution strongly compels and surpasses language and this sees many users migrate to the best alternative which helps a community progress technology wise.

            Reverse engineering is quite important because it allows reverse engineers to use specific servicing report data in generating certain trends. For instance they will use current asset feature to generate expected cash in relation to a given transaction. In addition, it allows the engineers to create transition rates, evasion and down payment curves, as well as presenting a true image of current liabilities (Allman, 2008, p. 5). 

            According to (Terrell Ward Bynum, 2004) computer ethics revolves around the study of how computers create new moral challenges in the modern society and the ways forward. It is the study of course of action vacuity and intangible muddles whose intention is to establish the effects if information technology on our moral values.

IBM adopted measures such as increasing its programming workforce, developing COBOL codes to enhance the performance e of the employees, installing DBMS, maintaining low costs. The author asserts that programmers start the process by choosing among the functions as the generator guides them through (Computerworld, 1985). 

According to (Bhardwaj) packets are small segments of data while packet switching involves portioning data into packets before they are tagged with information about their starting place and destination. These packets them find their way to their destination via routing algorithms individually (Bhardwaj, 2007). 

A protocol could be defined as a set of regulations that a computer adheres to in order to communicate with another computer or to perform operation. Therefore, computer protocols such as the internet protocol (IP) and transfer controls protocols (TCP) among others enable computer to communicate and exchange information.

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IBM joined the personal computer market driven by a number of factors. First there is the increasing us of personal computer as CAD and CAM through which IBM popularity increased. Secondly there was a ready market for their powerful RISC server and this market becoming bigger with time (Infoworld, 1986)

The use of personal computers and the internet has led to great changes on how people interact. For instance the internet has reduced the world into a global village and facilitated commerce what is referred to as e-commerce. However, (Barton A. Weitz, 2002, p. 141) asserts that internet invades privacy because consumers cannot hide their trace as long as they are using the computer. Intelligent programs may also be sent through the internet with intention of tapping or surveillance in order to get unauthorized access to data/information.

Joseph Migga Kizza points out that the use of control protocols has facilitated anonymity especially anonymity of postings for instance in chat rooms, news groups among others, anonymity has both advantages and disadvantages. It is good because it may be applied by intelligent personnel or spies to get access to information which may be vital for defense purposes. In addition, anonymity may be applied constructively when useful information may be revealed that pertains to the security and relationships. It is also good when whistle-blowers may use it to reveal information which would otherwise affect an organization negatively. At the same time, it becomes bad when used by the same whistle-blowers negatively. Anonymity on the other hand is bad when it is used by fraudsters and embezzlers to extort money from innocent people who are unaware of their plans (Kizza, 2010).

A packet is a unit or a segment of data being transmitted over a network. It is usually transmitted through pre-established route over a network. Packet switching on the other hand is a method through which the data is transmitted through a communication link. The data is usually packaged in a group thus transmitting a large piece of data into a computer, the sub-dividing it into manageable segments (packets), which are allocated the same address as the original and then re-transmitted into a communication link (Regis J. Bates, 2001).


Technology as explained earlier the process of employing scientific knowledge to develop paraphernalia such as computers that enable human beings to find solutions to problems they face the society. This easy focused on answering some questions relating to technology particularly in the area of information and communication technology, how it has been applied to to provide solutions to problems and advantages and disadvantages of various aspects of application of information and communication technology s well as issues pertaining to computers and manufacturers of computers. . 

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