Increasing amounts of professional and scientific information are available via information technology. Universities, professional societies, government departments and most non-business organizations are availing knowledge through technology. With this advancing body of online professional and scientific information, it is more important for the providers of human services to be in a position of accessing and using information that is delivered in electronic format. Substantive matters at the intersection of the technology policy and the low-income communities should be addressed. These issues include literacy (which involve information literacy), general Internet access privacy issues, computer usage training, the use of technology by the government together with other service providers, relevant content creation and redlining of infrastructure. Going paperless lets one maintain client relations without having to send them stacks of physical documents. Conducting business over the internet will save the customer's desks from excess clutter, hence making them appreciative that they work with paperless business (Walsh, 2008).

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Shifting from an office that is paper-based to one that is paperless is certain to appear strange initially, however, the advantages are clear. Paperless clinical document management has actually had considerable advantages over the systems that are paper-based. Nevertheless, saving money on paper is in fact the most apparent savings, although there are some other advantages.  One will no longer have to track the printer ink, buy it and renew or recycle the old ones. The abolition of printers leads to the re-emergence of important space desk, which can help in more work or nice plant. Whereas backup and memory software are extra or additional cost, they compensate any storage space expenses. The paper files can easily occupy a whole room. The backup DVDs can occupy one shelf. Now one has a free shelf where he or she can store all his or her unsorted or unread time management books. It can be time consuming to look through paper files; at times it is also tedious and even fruitless. A kind of office that is paperless can have its whole holdings searched within a few seconds or minuets by the use of a computerized search. It should be ensured that all files are named descriptively and the computer doesn't rest. Many searches can always search for a single term or word in the content of numerous files, There are no paper cuts needed.

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