Multilevel security refers to the use of computer systems to produce information which has different sensitivity levels. More so, multilevel security allows users to simultaneously access computer systems and prevents users to illegally have access to unauthorized information.

Multilevel security is very important in military and business areas. This is because it helps to prevent risks in business and military systems like attacks by viruses. Since online business and militaries use computers, they must ensure intense security so that they can avoid attacks by viruses. Businesses use the internet to conduct their daily duties and therefore they are in need of multilevel security. In addition, the military uses the internet to identify wrong doers hence they make use of multilevel security systems.

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It is not possible for an organization to ensure a hundred percent security to their computers but it is always good for computer owners to ensure that their computers are secure from hackers. While trying to ensure computer security, computer owners should ensure that the security employed to their devices does not cause harm to legitimate users. Computer users can improve security by ensuring that their browsers are configured for maximum security settings. More so, they should also ensure that all users make use of virus checkers and observes caution while downloading anything from the internet. In this connection, internet users need to be educated about the easily applied security techniques.

The extreme security measures used by the military may not work in business due to various reasons. In businesses, business people have to protect their sensitive data while allowing unauthorized personnel to use it. This may make the data to be affected by viruses. In addition, the security measures used by the military may not succeed in business due to security threats.

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