Steve Jobs greatest achievement was his spearheading of the iphone, ipad and ipod. These are technological advancements whose sales in the entertainment industry and among the youths especially have seen the company go far. Steve Jobs was a visionary whose ideas cross-cut scenes relating to entrepreneurship. Such is seen through these inventions.

The idea is always more important than the project itself. This is because the idea is what gives birth to the project. The nature of business idea determines a lot its future prospects and thus dictates the possibility of its success. An idea that is vague, unclear most likely makes the project to fail. Steve jobs who was the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. This was his greatest achievement. His started as an idea especially as it pertained to the iphone, iPod and ipad. The ideas of Steve jobs are what translated into big projects that have seen Apple Inc soar to great heights. It is in no doubt the reason why the board elected him as its chairman after his resignation just before he passed on.

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Ideas that are brilliant and whose execution is done after careful consideration more often than not result into notable success of the business as a whole.

The software industry offers contemporary of jobs. This relates to the production and sale of different programs. This industry is booming especially with the invention and maintenance of Microsoft products. Computers need consistent repair and installation with software. Such software includes game applications, antivirus to protect against malware, software to watch videos and listen to music etcetera. The same is also important for the maintenance of the iphone, ipad and ipod (William, 2010 pg 98)

The industry that deals with these inventions therefore is growing and would provide employment for persons all over the world. All they need is relevant training.

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