Technology can in my own view be an unforgiving band saw which would not put to consideration the purpose of its creation but mostly the way it is put to use. As typical as any saw, the place or manner of cutting is not for the saw to decide but the person who is handling it. However, the detrimental effect can be either visible immediately or after a while. Technology in purpose of creation is meant to improve the quality of life and make life easier. Sadly, in this era we live in, human beings cannot fully attest to the wonderful things that technology has done without bitter regrets of some effects of technology.

            Noteworthy, technology came to redeem the problem of mass production, with the onset of the industrial era. At the start of the revolution, praise of the inventions clouded the air and the commodities that came about improved the quality of life. Can we say the same thing at this time? Global warming, pollution are other daughters of this technology that were apparently watching us marvel at the inventions. Threatening or damaging life is not a question of “if” but a matter of “when” it will get to us. Species of animals which ones wondered the earth have become extinct for inability to adapt. Some of these species are actually raw materials to some technological processes.

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            The current state of the world is a testimony of the problems that linger in the background of this new technology created. Doctors have even warned that some of the gadgets we so hold dear put our lives at risk in terms of radiations that cause cancer among other ailments. Technology cannot be avoided at this point in time because apparently it is also the means through which we get quality health services among other crucial needs. Concerns over the repercussions that come about use of the same, has grounds. What has happened cannot be undone but further damage can be averted. Design, innovation, production and use of the future inventions and the current ones should come clean on matters of environmental degradation. Our survival depends on it!

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