My favorite mechanically engineered system is the robot system. This is because of its construction features and the way the robots operate. Robots are usually, comprised of several systems which work together as a whole. Generally, there are several categories of robot systems: controller, body, mobility, power, sensor and tools. The most important element of a robot is the controller, which can be compared to the human brain. This controller stores information about the work environment and the duties of the robot. It also stores and executes programs which runs and operate the robot. The various processing activities incorporated in the controller include programs, data algorithms and logic analysis.

The shape and body of a robot depends on the job it is supposed to perform.  For instance, industrial robots, usually take the shape of a body-less arm since it remains stationary as it does its tasks, while the space robots may be designed with different shapes such as that of a balloon, a platform with wheels or it may be spherical.  The movements of robots depend on their job and the environment on which they are expected to carry out their task on. Robots can be used in different environments such as in water, on land or in the space. Robots used in water have propellers and rudders which control the direction they travel. The land based rovers move around with the help of wheels or legs. For example, the Dante II robot has eight legs which enable it to descend into volcano craters.

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Many robots use electric motors which are efficient and require very little maintenance. However, some robots require other sources of energy such as propane, gasoline, electricity, solar cells and batteries. The source of power also depends on the size and the duty which the robot should undertake. 

Another element in the body of a robot is the sensor. The sensors are used in measuring physical quantities such as distance, contact, light, strain, sound, temperature and smell. The sensor enables the robot to have an understanding of its surrounding environment and thus they make changes on their behavior accordingly. For the robot to accomplish their tasks they are incorporated with manipulators which include arms, wrists and end effectors.

One disadvantage of robots is that they are limited in their duty performance and therefore, they can only be used to perform the duties they have been ordered to do only. Also, if the robots are not handled correctly they can cause a lot of looses and injuries. The design of robots should, therefore, be made such that they can multi-task with minimum injuries.

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