Perhaps if, by chance, you may have listen or watched the video by Alicia Keys titled 'No one' then understanding the main idea what the song is about or why she sang it becomes an obvious thing. The video was directed by a person called Justin Francis and was first premiered on the BET stations for the first time, in 2007. From there it went ahead to top charts, and is responsible for catapulting the singer's musical career. The song is based on relationships and to what extent; a person can go to protect their relationship. From the title, 'No One' Alicia Keys depicts how no amount of talking or, back-biting can come in the way of a perfect love between two people who love another. Through the, use of the three means of persuasion we will discuss how Alicia keys was able to capture emotions and influence audience to agree with her stand that No One is about fighting to maintain the one another in a relationship.

The video song 'No One' by Alicia Keys comprises of 4 scenes that run throughout the entire song. Mainly the scenes are as followed; one the singer is seen laying in an empty room alone, it is then proceeded by another where she is seen in another room fitted with a musical instrument, a third she is on a piano, and the forth she is at a club surrounded by revelers while she sings. A casual observe may consider the video simple but the main caught in the song is actually the words. This is the point, through which the singer makes contact with her audience. The singer engages the audience through, two senses which are the sense of sight and the sense of hearing (Stephenson, 2009).

According to Aristotle who was a prolific writer in the genre of rhetoric writing he tended to agree that the application of the art could be used not only in writing but in public speaking, politics, school and other areas of life. He further noted it helped how man communicated to the other and would be a, useful tool in selling one's points or views to the intended audience. Similarly, Alicia keys used these, pathos, logos and the ethos to get her message across through singing and the result was instant success. This track titled No One was able to cross boarders and topped charts by becoming an all-time, favorite ever done by the singer. Not only that, she was enabled to touch many hearts through her song making her claim the Best Female R&B Vocal Awards. This can be considered as the ethos and she successfully managed to do that.

Another instance where the singer can be said to have used the ethos is when she uses her brilliant vocals to send the message across in clear and well articulated words, Keys was able to come across as credible which further propelled the success of the song. The fact that her song became an instant hit in UK, USA, Australia, German and other nations is a clear indication that people where able to accept the messages she promoted in her song No One.

On the other hand, pathos is concerned with the emotion aspect of a message given to a person. In our case the song was able to evoke and stir emotions from the audience who received its messages. Alicia Keys was able to persuade listeners to let nothing come in between their love and be the reason for their break-up. Among lovers and people who were in love for a given time period this song was able to evoke feelings of love which would make them treasure one another and avoid taking their love for granted (Danesei, 2008). The singer supports this when she says '...l know some people search the world to find something like what we have l know people will try to divide...”through this   small extract we can see how Keys was able to evoke love feelings by charging people to protect their love and be happy they have each another since many search but never find such a love.

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On the other hand, logos are depicted when the singer uses words to serve as a bridge she uses to reach her fans. On this, she succeeded because if she didn’t she wouldn’t have won all those awards and sold many copies from that single title. In using simple words combined with her well paced and splendid vocals listening to keys is certainly a great experience. The message is also passed in simplicity where we see her cleverly choose words that give the song its credibility. Millions of listeners were able to identify with her song not only because her gift in music, but her choice words which sent messages to its intended audience.

Looking on the pathos aspect of the song yes l would say it makes senses since it is based upon relationships which exist in our lives. Man is a relational creature and however much successful he gains, he will still require relationships and need to form new ones. Keys give her audience a message they can relate with by encouraging people to take charge and strive to build good meaningful relationships. This makes the song makes sense which can further be supported by the fact it become a success by being the best titles under the singer musical career.

The use of pathos in the song is quite evident, and one instance could be when she says...'l just want you close where you can stay forever...' and another instance when she says '...can’t get in the way in the way of what l am feeling...'through these Keys was able to evoke feelings of love to people that listened to her title and to those in love they could feel as if it had been renewed ethos is also depicted in this great song when she  uses her perfect vocals in a brilliant way. When she begins the song with ' l just want you close... 'Listener can relate to her words and message which qualifies credibility in their eyes. Considering her personal life has been less controversial is also another fact that wins the hearts of her fans.

Logos is also evident in the song or what appeals the audience to her song for that reason. Alicia Keys demonstrates this when she is seen in the video playing a piano this is appealing since it tends to mean if you love someone you can go to great lengths in making them a marvelous tune or melody to express  your love for them. She is also seen in the video being rained on which can be taken to symbolize troubled times but even in such times she goes on to say if her lover is around she will not be troubled (Anthony, 2003).


In closing, Alicia Keys song No One is by no doubt the best song the singer has ever released to her audience. The song become an instant hit, topped charts and sold record worldwide. Keys have achieved much than an average singer could have achieved in such a time. Having expounded on the pathos, ethos and logos one is brought to understand how effective this mode of persuasion and their influence on communication are. Alicia Keys was able to communicate effectively like a skilled speech giver and the message was successfully delivered to its intended audience. From the above discussion one can be challenged to be like Keys by applying the three modes of persuasion in any level of their lives and with that done success can eventually follow its course.

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