This paper seeks to discuss in depth why Steve Jobs is one f the best leaders of the decade. It also seeks to discuss and analyze the functions of leadership and how Steve Jobs fulfilled the functions of leadership. An attempt will be made to identify the key concepts in leadership and style and determine how they are related to the concept of function and style.

Functions of Leadership

Steve Jobs has been named CEO of the decade by the Fortune magazine and other magazines. This is because his leadership was based on the key concepts of function and leadership style. The big question is how Steve Jobs fulfilled the functions of leadership. In fact, he approached leadership in a unique style. He built the necessary skills and used the key concepts of leadership functions and leadership styles. In this way, Steve Jobs was able to communicate with the employees under him. He also allowed his employees to get involved in his innovations and leadership functions. He also made sure that all the employees participated in the general growth and development f the business. This not only brought the company success but encouraged a healthy relationship amongst the employees and the leadership in the company. According to Steve Jobs, ‘quality is more important than quantity’. (DuBrin, 2008)

Key Concepts of Leadership

The key concepts of leadership are communication, motivating, expert social influence or transformation focus, self mastery, installs the right mindset and marketing. Communication is very important in any business. The staff of a company can exchange suggestions, ideas, points and advice by the medium. Lack or poor communication in an organization can only limit the productivity of the same. This means that one of the leadership functions is to enhance and encourage healthy communication in a business environment. Motivation is what drives the employees. It is a function of a leader to ensure that the employees are motivated. This will enable the employees to carry out their jobs and duties with a deeper determination and help the company achieve its vision and goal. Exerting social influences is a very important aspect of a business. The leader has the function and responsibility of ensuring that the company has social influences in the business area and the in social circles. Installing the mindset is another function of leadership that involves training, such as teaching the employees to adopt and embrace a new mindset. This would eventually get the employees thinking in the same line with the leaders in order to achieve the desired vision and goals of the business.

There are many factors that match the concept of leadership or the functions and style of leadership. These concepts include communicating the vision whereby the leader communicates the vision of the company and expects the employees to work to achieve it, as well as being a change agent whereby the leader leads by example and makes the first step to initiating change in the company and in the society as well. (DuBrin, 2008)

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Controlling Functions

Controlling factor can be described as a method used to bring out material effects. These material effects refer to aspects, such as cost saving and quality. This cost reduction method helps squeeze lower prices from manufactures or suppliers. The cause of the decline of Toyota was associated with the fact that there was a problem in the controlling factors. In this regard, the best solution was to identify the problems and find ways and means to solve the problems.

Has Controlling and Cost-Cutting Contributed to Toyota’s Recent Massive Decline?

Controlling and cutting costs had a major effect on Toyota. However, it is not entirely to blame for Toyota’s recent massive decline. Other factors and reasons have also contributed to the same. It would help a great deal if the new management was strict and tough. This is because this would help make new improvements on the same. Toyota, on the other hand, has insisted that their focus on the cost has had no negative effect on their clients. However, this fact is reflected in the low sales. This means that by reducing the price, Toyota reduced the quality of their products.

Facts That Match Leading and Controlling Concept

Many factors match the leading and controlling concept. These factors include communication, motivation, installing mindset and being a change factor. In this concept, communication is very important. This is because poor communication or lack of communication may have been the cause of the present state of Toyota. Communication allows flow of information in the company. Motivating the staff would be one of the best way to encourage the staff and employees of the company to do their work and duties properly. The leadership of Toyota should adapt the concept of being a change factor. This is because change starts from the management and flows down to the staff. In this way, the staff will have an alternative to adopting and accepting the changes in the company. The quick ad rapid reduction of cost by the Toyota Company made it successful for a few years. Recent years have seen leaders facing the negative effects of the mess that was made years ago. This calls for caution by the leaders while making major decisions in a business or company. (Schermerhorn, 2010)


This paper has outlined and discussed the different aspects of leading and controlling. It has considered and defined the functions of leadership and the style of leadership. The key concepts of leadership functions and style have also been identified. It has integrated other common factors to the different aspects of leading and controlling

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