In “Rodeo’s” opening scene, there are numerous stereotypical props employed to characterize the beer-drinking, industrious, cowboy image with the distinctive country music as an added touch. A good number of people are conversant with this sort of scene, with a male as the character, although not this point in time – there is a tough, elegant, opinionated woman with a uniquely country name of Lurlene, as well as, Big Eight, the distinctively cowboy kind of nickname. When a reader dives deep into the factual character of this strange woman, he or she may recognize that she is not so distinct from the average lady in the current workforce. She is experiencing the frustration of prejudice and that which come as a result of being forced out of the dear lifestyle that she understands.

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In the Jane Martins “rodeo” it is evident that over the last many years, it has apparently become irrefutable that all sports can be commercialized and sensationalized by persons from the great corporations such as Pepsi Cola, Marlboro and Coca-Cola. These businesses have a lot of money budgeted each financial year to invest into sports fraternity in the form of advertising, sponsorships, etc. In fact, immediately the sponsorships are brought in into sports, it is precisely the sort of thing that can easily push a sportsperson out of competition. In addition, a sportsperson can easily get in a “break-it or make-it” state. If a sportsperson receives any sponsorship, then the cash is free flowing for testing, training, equipment, etc – anything that the sportsperson needs or wants to assist in putting him at the best position for competition. In a nutshell, Rodeo is all about commercialization and in a particular the field of sports.

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