Imagine writing an essay that no one would ever want to read or be associated with. A reader, let alone a critic, would have to put extra effort to comprehend your writing. In such a case, it feels rather pathetic. Therefore there is need to write a good essay that has an excellent flow and format that would excite a reader and arouse his or her interest to read more. The commentary on Agatha Christie is worth reading and forms an interesting piece of writing. By all standards, Christie's commentary is an effective and exciting piece of reading (Zemboy, 2008).

Christie's commentary arouses a reader's attention from the first paragraph. This is evident from a fact that the introduction begins with a question that captures the reader's attention. This is more so as it raises interest particularly on the issue of mystery that promises an interesting piece of writing that encourages one to read more.

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The essay's body complements the strong beginning in that it continues to draw in the concentration and mind of a reader. It is so because the commentary compares Christie with other writers who might be known to the reader. Furthermore, the commentary explains the writer's strengths which include a strong morality and character. This in essence appeals to the reader (Christie, 2008).

The commentary winds up with an explanation of why Christie is thought to have been the best author of her time. This is effectively brought out by comparing her strong qualities and exceptional ability with those of other eminent authors. A more strong point for her is that she straightforwardly addresses the issues affecting the society. This gives the commentary's theme an edge.

The commentary is both effective and exciting. This has been achieved by careful selection of language and style augmented by the subject's exceptional ability and standing that is well brought out. Furthermore it would prove an exemplary piece for illustrating and bringing out a spectacular and superb writer to the attention of all.

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