The Terminal is a movie that is set with an inspiration from the actual story of an Iranian refugee, Merhan Nasseri, who was stranded within an airport in Paris for many years after encountering legal complications. The film gives an account of what goes on with the man and other people surrounding him, showing significant similarities with the actual story.

Analysis of the Movie

The Terminal is considered to be a romantic comedy that has been brought together by a number of directors. Therefore, a part from being a dramatic, explosive, or even cinematic, The Terminal is mixed by dramatic and romantic characters and, therefore, this makes the movie to be unique.  The characters like Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg helps in enriching the movie by having some fun. This is achieved when Spielberg keeps on exploring new and varied movie characters until he is able to rest on Indiana Jones.

Before I started watching the movie, I had developed two major concerns in relation to the movie presentation. The first concern was about the perception I had created of the movie being a simple repeat of Cast Away film, but this time is was being directed from an airport. The second concern was about the fake European accent from Tom Hanks, which I believed that was to be worse as the Russian ascent of Harrison Ford. During the movie, my concerns are disapproved as Tom Hanks is able to create a more realistic and likable character in the movie. He is able to speak with clarity, and his ascent proves beyond doubt that he is a better actor. Jokes are made about his incapability to fluently speak English or make clear pronunciation when speaking, and this makes the movie to be more interesting.

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Therefore, the movie is directed on a basis where there are a lot of compilations, when it comes to the level of the language used. Tom Hanks also seems to pragmatically reveal what it can turn out to be like when trapped in any given airport for quite sometime. There is a level of behaviors showed in the movie, and in this case, Tom Hanks is seen soliciting for money to use on food. He is also able to design a makeshift bed while in the airport; he is able to take a bath in the available men's restroom. He is also proved to be a very creative man as he is able to create his own way of spending time while still stranded in the airport. On the other hand, Viktor is also pleasant enough throughout the movie as he creates a platform where one will enjoy moving along and be able to see his operations go through until the end.

There is one huge issue with The Terminal, as the casts are not placed on a faster mode. It is very slow and its plot takes a leisurely pace and, therefore, this could kill the urge to continue watching the movie. The only thing that was not compromised is the aspect of including many dialogues and a wide range of character development. This has been a key aspect that has enabled the movie to create a situation where things can move at a faster rate.  The negative aspect of having a lot of character development in a movie is the time that it can take to end. In this case, The Terminal movie is dragged over 2 hours, which is considered to be long.

Despite being based on a true story, it becomes hard to believe that the airport is unable to find someone who can talk to Victor. This language barrier goes to an extent where Victor is seen to repeatedly advances and wanted to stifle the security officers. In understanding his English from several television commercials, available baggage-handlers, and the travelogues, Viktor turns out to be quite aware of not only the English vernacular, but also to the words and various ideas that are believed to be collected from significant sources. In the end of the movie, communication between Victor and other crew members and passengers improves, and he is able to dilute the disturbing atmosphere that was pervading his alienation.

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