Even though death is very normal and compulsory to every human, many of us have not accepted this and as a result, we end up having varied reactions towards when we lose our loved ones. I have ever reacted so badly to the death of my favorite character, Oedipus the king, in the play Oedipus Rex. This is because his character had inspired me and I learnt a lot through him. I felt if given a chance, I would have brought him back to life. The impulse behind this was that he died a shameful death yet he was innocent, also, his death brought the story to an end therefore if he had not died, the play would continue. It has taken sometime now since I read the play and I no longer feel the same now. It is said that time is a healer; I am healing gradually as my memory fades with time. This reaction is very logical since it is caused by the emotional pain that we undergo when we loose our beloved ones. Most of the time we can not resist it and we only get relieve when take it easy. 

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Robert J. Sawyer's "You See but You Do Not Observe" is more or less similar to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventure of the Final Problem" and "The Adventure of the Empty House". They both speak of Holmes, the friend who was so dear to both narrators and died a mysterious death (Conan). While Sir Arthur discusses the story from the time the narrator lived together with Holmes, how they flee their home land to run away from Moriarty, to how Holmes and the narrator lose each other, a situation that he considers a mysterious death and finally how Holmes comes back to life after his presumed death (Conan), Conan Doyle on the other hand discusses the same story but the narrator begins it from the time when Holmes arises from death and comes to visit him (Sawyer, 1995). However, despite the fact that the characters used are same as those in the original story though different in different settings, Sawyer criticizes Conan's since he does not see the possibilities of Holmes resurrection and also as suggested by its title, "You See but You Do Not Observe". Thus it is a critics of Conan's work.  

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