A drug is a substance that when taken by a human being or an animal has performance enhancing, intoxicating or medicinal effects. It should be noted that a drug that was intended for medicinal purposes can be abused to provide intoxicating effects, this often leads to death. Most intoxicating drugs are also considered very strong pain relief medication for example morphine and medicinal marijuana. Performance enhancing medication such as steroids is often used to help people gain weight and become more toned. It is also used, as a treatment method is some cases. In addition, most intoxicating drugs are considered illegal in most parts of the world and they tend to have adverse effects on one’s health (Allen, 2007). This paper discusses some of the different types of drugs and their effects.

Firstly, there are medicinal drugs. They are made and administered for the sole purpose of curing, prevention or relieve of pain and other symptoms. Most this drugs are prescription but others are over the counter or behind the counter. Behind the counter drugs have to be dispensed by a pharmacist and are used marked with the letter P. over the counter drugs on the other hand can be found in most supermarkets and pharmacies, they do not require and prescription or professional opinion to be acquired. Prescription drugs require a qualified physician or medical consultant to give a written prescription that gives the patient legal permission to use the substance (Barry, 2008).

In some cases however people develop a co dependence on the drug they have been prescribed to and this leads to the abusing it. Sleeping pills and painkillers are some of the most abused prescription drugs in the world. Addicts tend to go drastic measures like forging their doctor’s signatures so that they can get their hands on the fix. It should be made clear that abuse of prescription medicine is illegal and risky. In some rare cases, victims tend to over dose on some of these medications or accidentally take the wrong substance and that instantaneously leads to their deaths. Trading or dealing of prescription medication is also illegal and the penalties are harsh.

Secondly, there are recreational drugs. This are drugs that one administers so as to enhance a positive experience, to explore a specific experience or simply for fun. Most recreational drugs are illegal in some parts of the world but many others such as alcohol, khat, tobacco and caffeine are legal. Due to the positive experience most people get from recreational drug usage, it tends to be very addictive in nature and this makes it a very dangerous substance. For most intoxicating drugs, if they will not have a direct effect on your physical, mental or emotional health then they will affect the lives of those around you and leave you alone (Barnard, 2007).

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A good example of this is when a friend of mine got involved in drugs a few years back. He used to spend every little cent he has to supply his habit and this led him into more problems that he could hope for. After a while, he discovered that none of the people around him wanted to help him keep this habit up and this made him very angry. He started stealing from his family and friends and no sooner did they discover this and excommunicate him. A few months later, he was arrested. As we can see even though the drugs did not directly affect him, his family went through shame and loss when he was arrested due to drug possession and robbery. 

The third drugs are the performance-enhancing drugs. As suggested in the name, these drugs enable people to look the best they can and perform the way possible. It especially applies to athletes and fitness fanatics. Performance enhancing drugs such as steroids are used by those people who want to add their mass as fast as possible and be the best they can be. They are also used by athletes to enable them to run faster than usual or leap higher than they should normally. Steroids also provide the users with a look into a world where one can maintain their optimal physical shape without much of a struggle and for a very long time.

Unfortunately, the usage of performance enhancers also poses a threat to the user. People who are involved in the usage of steroids and other performance enhancers tend to be very irritable and quick to anger. They lose some touch with reality an perceive everyone around them as a nuisance or out to get them steroids also cause some other adverse physical effects like the shrinkage of testicles and possible impotence. The usage of these products might create the illusion of looking or feeling or feeling good but at the end of the day one has to pay the harsh price of what they have done (Bennett, 2005).

Finally, there are nootropics or self-improvement medication. This just like steroids, are used to enhance a person’s capabilities only they improve the cognitive abilities. They are meant to improve moods, thoughts, concentration, memory, and learning. Some of the nootropics are already being used to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's disease and attention deficit hyperactive disorder and they are showing a lot of great promise.  To add to this, the drugs are also being used to regain memory loss caused by aging. They are considered legal in some countries and illegal in others since they can be equated to the use of physical performance enhancers hence provide a bias advantage to those who have access to them.   

In conclusion, drugs provide people with the chance to live a pain free life and save the lives of billions. However, as discussed also other drugs can lead one into a pit of despair if they allow themselves to be pulled into that hole of pain. To add to this we have seen how some drugs are made to help us feel better ourselves and even help us improve the way we think. We have also seen how a drug can be both legal and illegal depending on the way it is administered and used. Some of the risks that accompany the usage of some the drugs have also been made very clear to us. Finally we have seen how the advancements in the world of medicine has cured one of the diseases that was ones said to never develop one i.e. the Parkinson’s disease. 

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