Modern age is an era of management resolution. There was time when economic development depended mainly on scientific and mechanical inventions (Kennedy, David; Lizabeth Cohen, Thomas Bailey 2006). However, in the modern world good management is necessary for efficient and effective working of organization, along with technological advancement. Management is all the more important in the context of the business enterprises, no because business can run on itself, even after getting momentum. Every business needs repeated stimulus i.e. something that causes activity. Such stimulus is well provided by the management (Smith, S, JD, & Mazin, R, 2000).

We are in the era where the organizations are the most inventive social arrangement of our age and of civilization. It will be spectacle to know that hundred of thousand of people with highly individualized background, skills and interests are coordinated in various corporations to pursue common goals. The ultimate goal of every organization is to create surplus for the corporations as well as for the country, that’s why every country is fond to establish an industry or organization with in the country. Employees are the main thing on which the organizations are merely emphasize because they are the one who earns revenue for the entity. The most substantial thing, an organization has is its employees which refereed as the family (Richard, 2004). Organizations always seek to hire the best available talent in the country which ultimately helps them to increase their net income. Albeit, the organizations have a number of department in it but the most valuable department before the top management is the Human Resources Department. The main prospective of this assignment is quite straightforward, as we want to compare the business model of three organizations. Business model or the success model is the two names of a same thing. The three companies which we have chosen on which this entire report will be based on is Whole Foods Market and the Metro Food Market and the meat market. First we will give a little description of all these markets and then shift our gears towards the main theme of this paper.

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An Eye Over The Whole Sale Food Market

Whole Foods Market is austin, Texas-based foods grocer. As of January 2009, the crowd operates 279 locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Whole Foods Market is a food merchant of "genuine" and organic food, including deliver, seafood, grocery, meat and pullet, bakery, organized foods and catering, beer, plum, cheese, entirety body, floral, pet food, and household harvest. The crowd sells both organic and "conventionally grown" yield, and subject brands. The band is consistently ranked among the most socially responsible businesses and placed third on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's inventory of Top 25 Green Power Partners
In 1978, twenty-five-year-old seminary stop John Mackey and Rene Lawson, his twenty-one year old girlfriend, rented $45,000 from family and contacts to open a small pure foods horde called Safer Way in Austin, Texas (the name being a spoof of Safeway). When the link was ejected from their apartment for storing food products in it, they firm to live at the pile. Because it was zoned for commercial use, there was no shower stall, so they inundated using a water sluice attached to their dish coating (Smith, S, JD, & Mazin, R, 2000),

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