There are quite a number of key elements and functions of human resource including recruitment, selection, organizational design and development, business transformation and change management, performance, conduct and behavior management, planning, training and development, industrial and employee relations among others. However, this paper will specifically focus on planning and development of human resources.

Planning human resources

Planning has its value in trying to predict events such that it will be much simpler to solve a future situation if one has anticipated it and therefore planned for it accordingly. Planning helps in the optimization of the use of resources and also identifying methods of making the very resources more flexible (Carter, 2009). Planning has a number of uses including determining the numbers to be employed at a new location. If the correct size in terms of employees is not taken into consideration then there will be surplus or underutilized staff. The reverse of this situation results into overstretching of the workforce.

Planning also helps to retain the highly skilled staff in the organization as long as it monitors the extent or resignation, reasons why and compares the situation with similar organizations. Another reason for planning is management of an effective program of downsizing. Finally, it helps to establish the source of the next crop of managers.

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Developing Human Resources

According to Brien  (2001) human resources development improves administrative cost effectiveness, enhances service orientation and optimizes procedures of administration. There are a number of components that entail development of human resources. These include guidelines for co-operation and management which create a good working atmosphere and in turn enhance motivation and satisfaction of staff. Another component is recognition and acknowledgement of staff which works to motivate them. Feedback for management is also another component. It is an instrument that improves behavior and communication amongst workers.

Here the management staff is given an opportunity to compare their perception of their management style with how those that are under that management view that style of management. This could be done by administering a questionnaire after which the results can be analyzed in an anonymous form. In general human resource development is a dynamic task where by all the affected people should participate in all the necessary steps.

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