Group Communication

Group communication is a formed unit of a number of individuals i.e. three to fifteen that have a common goals and objectives where they all endeavor to work in achieving these goals. The goals also ensure that the group adheres together in times of conflict and tension (Beebe, & Masterson, 2006). The group members must know each other and be familiar with each other, they must also be free and open with each other i.e. they must communicate freely. The group members help each other understand certain aspects such as subjects, principles and grasp then well. The group also has set norms on the modes of discussions, behavior of members and the expectations and roles of each member.

How does group communication differ from individual communication?

Group communication is an unofficial technique where the information is distributed among the members of the group; it is an oral framework of that brings concept and ideas from many members that is described as the philosophy of group dynamics. Group communication is also a collective attempt of generating ideas, developing concepts and brainstorming solutions in a collaborative group atmosphere so as to address a given problem (Trenholm, 1995).

The main difference between group communication and individual communication is that for individual a single voice generates the ideas and concepts while in group communication a unified voice generates the ideas. For the individual it is easy to come up with the ideas but for the group it takes time because they must be verified by all group members (Trenholm, 1995). In individual communication the person communicates the ideas and/or concepts without help from group members and aims to achieve his/her own goals and objectives.

Strategies to promote individual and group communication

In order to promote group communication we must address three factors issues i.e. orientation, conflict resolution, and consensus building. In orientation the group members must know each others well each other likes and dislikes and each other characters. This is where each member must be assigned a task and the rules of communications and the goals and objectives established (Tubbs, 1995). With the above features in place then everyone will be free and open to communicate with each other. In conflict resolution is the way the group handles discussions and tasks they have.

They must be able to agree to disagree and finally develop a positive solution to the task at hand. In consensus the group needs to establish the means to compromise on ideas select correct concepts and if not agree on the best alternatives available. They must also agree on the final solutions mutually agreed by the group, thus this will promote group communication.

For the individual group the individual must focus on extensive research since he has no external group ideas this helps him/her build substantiate ideas that can be accepted (Tubbs, 1995). There is also need for dedication and strict time management skills since there is no one else to follow up.

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Does the section in the charter on dispute resolution have enough information? What would you include to provide stronger strategies?

For a group communication dispute resolution is a vital component in view of the fact that without agreement the group does not make any progress. The charter has enough information that ensures the group comes to a mutual agreement. For stronger strategies to the charter a breakdown of the roles should be clearly defined so as to avoid overlap of any roles including assigning the roles with characters identified from the members (Beebe, & Masterson, 2006). Stronger characters should be allowed to take a leading role in the group. Everyone should be given an equal chance to participate in dispute resolutions and all ideas must be taken in to account. Inclusion of breakpoints should also be included so as to ensure the group members make the correct decision.

Has the team provided effective strategies for fostering good team communication?

Provide examples of how to use these strategies.

The strategies set by the group are convincing that they can deliver a good communication group, the uses communication to accomplish set tasks. The ground rules set by the group are effective enough to make the group complete any tasks with ease. The forum established enables the team members to discuss the concepts brought out during discussions comprehensively, while the orientation of the group plays an integral part in ensuring they communicate openly and freely (Meyers, & Brashers, 1998).

Effective communication procedures established ensure the members are at all times informed on any new developments that the group has. The set values and principles of respect, openness and honesty guide the group into higher levels of relationship that ensure an ethical solution to all conflicts.

Discuss two to three technologies you might use to facilitate group communication.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using each?

The members can communicate through mobile phones and emails. The members must indicate their mobile phone numbers on the team charter where they can easily get the numbers and communicate whenever there is any issue either urgent or group procedure (Beebe, & Masterson, 2006). The mobile phones maybe good since they will ensure the message is delivered personally to the group members and immediate response is possible. They may be ineffective if there is network associated problems or if the handsets are not working.

The internet will allow sending messages, charting and in research. The members will have email addresses of the team members for easy communication. This maybe a hindrance if not all members have computers or phones that does not support this system. Internet connection may also be interrupted thus interrupt the communication of the group. The internet may make the group members concentrate on other social sites rather than research.

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