Strategic planning is a forecast on the direction of the company in the future years. It helps to determines the goals of an organization and ascertain how these goals will be realized. Strategic planning focuses on entire organization using a variety of perspectives, models and approaches. The development of strategic plan depends on the leadership, culture, size, complexity of the organization, and the expertise of planners. The basic idea of the strategic planning is to set organizational goals and plan on how these goals will be realized. Analyzing the strategic plan of Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) will help in understanding a strategic plan.

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is a non-profit organization with National Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia that operates for the interests of the military personnel. It exists for the benefit of the nation and its Uniformed Services personnel, their family members, and survivors. The members subscribe with aim of improving national integrity and prestige of the uniformed forces. It also gives honor to a country through advocating for a strong national defense, which stimulate love of a country. The association fosters fraternal relationship between all branches of various services where the members are drawn from by giving assistances to the personnel and their families (JFCOM, 2006). The organization also represents the rights and interests when service matters are considered.

MOAA aims at being the most influential, respected, and responsive professional military association that advocate for national defense. It aims to be a top-quality career force with compensation and benefits packages for the military members. The body desire to have a continuous acceptance as the professional association of the military choice by promoting the values of the members, serving as the most effective organization, and providing high quality services that help the members meet their professional, financial, and family needs. MOAA main goal is to achieve and sustain maximum influence in shaping relevant government policies. It also aims at increasing and retaining the members by developing and providing relevant membership values. Their other goal is to grow and maintain a vigorous, nationwide network for councils and chapters (MOAA, 2012).

To achieve these goals, MOAA ensures that they have sufficient resources that are well utilized. The organization utilizes both money and people to execute the laid down procedures. They plan to ensure that the personnel are well equipped. This will be achieved through offering training services and provision of tools necessary there success. The organization also hires new qualified members who provide the expertise knowledge on professional and technical fields. The organization is planning to diversify the funding sources that will facilitate adequate finances to support the projects that in return will continue increase the funds. MOAA will rely on multiple funding sources, which include members due, investment income and royalties to ensure that there are enough financial reserves. The general financial strategy is to balance all the revenues thus improving on reserves.

Other than the management of finances, MOAA develops a well established track record system of influencing the government policies. This aim at supporting the actively serving military through legislative initiatives by recording the achievements following a policy of providing potential solutions feasible issues raised and seeking collective advocacy. This will be achieved by defending military benefits upgrades and resisting arbitrary budget driven restrains. The organization seeks new support initiatives to advocate for military and other veteran community within the executive and legislative branches. They organization is aiming at expanding the ability to mobilize grassroots support within the military to increase the number of the supporters.

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MOAA recognizes that the success of the organization depend on the membership, therefore the management works towards increasing and maintain the members. There are plans to move from registering the retired members only to incorporating the serving military officers which has proved to be critical in this endeavor at long run. MOAA plan to extend the membership from their core retired members to recruiting of training and serving military, guards and reserve members so as to increase the membership. Although there is increased membership, the organization is also working to maintaining the accompanying cultural shift that relate to the demographic, technology, and diversity. The main goal is to enhance membership experiences through relevant products and services, high effective communication backed up by comprehensive and relevant communication plan.

MOAA has provided a broad range of information and products to serve the members. The goals of the organization aim at providing the best services and products for the retired military members who are the core founders of MOAA. It also aims at making the currently serving members to see it as the best professional body of their choice. This will be achieved through making the products more relevant to the users by conveying the values of the impressive number of scholarship loans and grant. There is need to identify new products, services and information that meets the need of the member. This will improve the value they place on the professional body attracting more members.

MOAA plans to implement a chapter system, which is a large single group that mobilizes important issues. The goal of the chapter is to keep on providing relevant information, support, and seek new ways of enhancing the chapter operations. MOAA will continue to raise the visibility level of support to chapter system. Members are to be engage to raise their views on issue passed by the chapter to ensure that the receive satisfaction that they deem importance to them (Strange & Joe 1997).

The MOAA strategic plan represents a departure from the previous plans focusing on the long run range organizational vision, mission, and goal. The plan covers a five year time period, but it needs to be reviewed and reported on board annually. The new inputs to the plan include the annual progress assessments, the report to the resolution committee, staff comments, board members comment, and committee position taken. This helps to analyze the progress the organization is making indicating the viability of realization of the set goals. The staff under the leadership of the president develops the implementing operational annex annually. This contains the specific, time-phased objectives to be accomplished to measure the strategic plan progress.

MOAA has lid down detailed procedures that aims at helping it realize the set objectives. The broad strategic plan will see to it that there association increases in the membership. The main objective is to offer the members with better services that will motivate them develop integrity and royalty to the nation as they offer services. The retired military are well taken care off through receiving of suitable benefit package while the serving enjoys good working condition with an assurance that their interest are taken care of professionally. The strategic plan period set enables the committee to analyze the progress effectively creating room for correction of the defective procedures that are identified though annual reviews.

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