The Marvel case study exonerates the strategic approaches that the company has taken over the years to achieve its desired sales volumes. The company operates in various industries that are closely related with the entertainment industry, such as comic books, toys and movies. Notable movie character is the spider man that has driven the company sales high.

The strategic direction that the company vice president should take is differentiation strategy. This is because the company has a unique way of uniting its differentiation strategy to ensure that a superior performance in one product spans sales in the other products. A good example is that of the Spiderman movies and spider man toys (Elberse, 2005). The strategy can be followed by maintaining related production.

Marvel turnaround was so successive due to its unique product quality and its ability to tie its differentiated products. The turnaround cannot be classified as a fluke and is sustainable on the condition that the company remains unique in product development. Its sustainability can be however challenging.

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The three divisions are important as they assist the company to establish relationships with customers at a tender age with their products (Elberse, 2005). Beside the divisions shaping the company product in the past, with the comic book department giving the company the needed direction for type of product, toys department helps cultivate product identity and licensing forms a string of income.

Spiderman is the only well known character, partly because he had taken the leading role in the comic books several past decades. The company success is therefore heavily dependent on one character. To develop other characters, marvel can utilize the same strategy of forming character identity through the comic books by introducing books with the characters taking leading roles over the Spiderman.

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