The NFL is filled with a lot of myths and unsolved mysteries. All these myths try to talk about all sorts of things regarding the sport and the things that influence it. The NFL may have been played by the Greeks in the early times under the name harpastan. Also it is said that various Polynesia natives may have played a variety of the game. In the early 19th century various types of the game (allowing players to kick the ball but not to carry it) had emerged in English schools. The modification of the game that permitted carrying of the ball was first introduced as Rugby. The sport then split into two entities, these were soccer and rugby. Thus, American football evolved from these two sports. First known as the American Professional Football Association (APFA), the NFL came into being in 1920 when a group of men gathered in Canton, Ohio for a meeting that resulted in the birth of the NFL. The Tennessee Titans was established in 1960 at Nashville in Tennessee under the name Houston Oilers as a charter member of the American Football League.

Being the mogul in sports that it is, the NFL has conservative ideas and it aims at ensuring legal play, the organization has managed to push the government to change most of the sporting laws that have flaws in them so as to ensure fair play not only in the field but also in its business.

The kind of marketing done by the NFL can be described as a make-believe marketing. In short, selling games is not what has made the NFL become the most lucrative sport, rather it is the story lines regarding individual players, coaches, teams and even world events. This is the type of marketing that the NFL has used to promote itself, its teams, and even the sport. The pre-match and post match analysis mixed with gossip and rumors on a teams win or loss is one thing that people will pay to hear and that’s just what the NFL does.

In the NFL, image is everything however, other times, it’s nothing.  In short, image is important, but not a focus it may not be immediate but it has its long term implications and it is difficult to build but easy to destroy. This is because the NFL is a game of first impressions and thus the NFL organization has put in structures to shape the teams’ and players’ public image so as to avoid any blunders that will affect the NFL in general.

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The NFL has been around since 1920 and for this whole period it is among the most watched sport in the United States of America. All these success of the NFL is attributed to its good management systems and the various agreement deals that had to be signed to allow for smooth and profitable running of this organization.

The NFL has been in a position to influence the government to change most sporting laws to their advantage, using the large public support that it has and even from the support it obtains from the influential sponsors.

The fact that a myth is not fool proof regarding whether it works or not has been the backbone of the NFL’s success economically. This success has been brought about by the large fan base that the NFL has managed to capture and as we all know how good a large fan base is in monetary terms when it comes to sales.  NFL products, like tickets, jerseys, balls, caps e.t.c, have been sold to the funs in the name of ‘support for one’s team.’ This has resulted in lump sum profits being generated by this organization; as a matter of fact these myths have made the NFL a booming business with many investors and sponsors chipping in to support it. 

Anything significant about the finding of the NFL that adds to the myth

  • The NFL was an accidental discovery, as it came to be as a result of the emergence of soccer and rugby.
  • Even though it was an accidental discovery it still is amazing of how it has turned out to be the most celebrated game beyond rugby and soccer which came before it this means it has brought a new form of entertainment for the weekends as people can catch up with friends while watching a game.
  • The NFL has become a multi-billion industry and this has made it create a lot of job opportunities in all lines of work ranging from players, media, engineers, and many more.
  • Socially, the NFL has managed to honor the society by supporting many foundations like the New Orleans Saints who participate in the local American Cancer Society.

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